A&D FX-i / FX-i-WP Series - Precision Balance

A&D Precision Balance, Not Trade Approved

From $1,007.00

FX-i / FX-i-WP

*Standard/Small Breeze break included with these models only. (FX-300i & FX-500i)

The FX-i Precision Balance brings top of the range performance to the price conscious.

The FX-i series' easy one touch internal calibration system provides high reliability & fail safe calibration.

Featuring 1 second stabilization with the C-SHS Weight Sensor.

This Model CANNOT be Verified for Trade Use, if Trade Verification is required please visit the FZ-i (Trade) scales page

More Information
Trade ApprovedNon Trade
  • Five years warranty
  • Compact B5 Size Footprint brings minimal impact to your work environment
  • Fast Stabilization Time of 1 second makes the unit ideal for high speed applications
  • Shock Absorber Function prevent damage due to accidental overloading
  • Choice of multiple weighing units including counting and percentage
  • Complies with GLP,GMP,GCP and ISO laboratory systems
  • Environment Setting allows set up to suit the operation area
  • Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement ensures optimum counting accuracy
  • Animal Weighing Function for weighing unstable samples
  • Statistical Calculation Function provides full stats reporting
  • Comparator Function allows the FZ-i to be used for filling or grading
  • Standard Small Breeze break on all models
  • Underhook weighing for testing density or weighing magnetic material
  • Quick USB Interface (Option)
  • LAN-Ethernet Interface (Option)
  • Rechargeable Battery (Option)

FZ-i FX-i Series Precision Balance

  FZ-300i FZ-500i FZ-3000i FZ-5000i
  FX-300i FX-500i FX-3000i FX-5000i
Weight capacity (g) 320 520 3200 5200
Division - Non Trade (g) *** 0.001 0.01
Trade Approved NO
Environment Dry Environment
Stablizing Time (typical at Fast) Approx 1 sec
Repeatability (Standard Deviation) 0.001g 0.01g
Linearity ±0.002g ±0.02g
Weighing Units g, pcs, %, oz, lb, L oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tl, tol, mes and MLT
Display Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
Display update 5 times /second, 10 times /second or 20 times /second
Operating temp 5°C to 40°C, less than 85% RH (no condensation )
Power supply AC adapter
Calibration Air-pump Controlled Internal Calibration (FZ-iWP models only)
Weighing pan size 130mm Diameter 150mm Diameter
Dimension 193 (W) X 262.5 (D) X 85.5 (H) mm
Weight (approximately) FZ-i Approx. 3.0 kg / FX-i Approx. 2.5 kg
Serial Interface Standard RS232
* As supplied from the factory.
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