kitchen scale

Digital kitchen scales are one of the essential kitchen tools for chefs, bakers, and just about anyone who cook and prepare food. These scales are easy to use, generally affordable, and usually come in small and compact sizes, taking up just a little space on your kitchen counter.

Here are some reasons why you should have a kitchen scale:

Get more accurate measurements

Measuring cups and spoons may not always be accurate, depending on how you use them – some people are careful to level off ingredients such as flour or scrape out sticky ones like honey from the cup, but not everyone does this. Plus, measuring cups and spoons come in slightly different shapes and sizes. This small difference can have a big impact, as inaccurate measurements may produce unwanted results especially in certain tricky recipes. Measuring with a kitchen scale is much more precise, giving you a consistent result every time.

Eat healthier

A kitchen scale is a great help when it comes to weight management and weight loss, as it allows you to measure portion sizes and have only what you need. By weighing the meat and vegetables or fruits that go into your meal preparation, you will know if you are having the suggested healthy amount for your diet. This is also useful if you need to limit intake of certain foods for health reasons – for example, you can use the scale to keep track of how many sweets or calories you are consuming in a day.

Easier clean-up

By using a kitchen scale, you will end up with far less dishes to wash. Instead of multiple measuring cups and spoons for your ingredients, there is only one dirty bowl on the scale. Just remember to put the bowl back on the scale and tare it back to zero before adding the next ingredient, so that the scale does not weigh the bowl as well.

Tips on choosing a kitchen scale

  • Get a scale that is easy to clean. Go for models that do not have nooks or crannies that would trap food particles or debris, and that you can easily wipe down.
  • Most digital kitchen scales are able to convert measurements from ounces to grams and more, saving you time on figuring out the conversions on your own.
  • Instead of getting the cheapest one around, it is worth investing in a good and reliable kitchen scale as it will not only deliver the best results but also last for many years.
  • For commercial food preparation applications, get fully stainless steel top loading food scales that are dust and waterproof. These are suitable for harsh environments and can be washed without damaging the scale.

At Anyscales, we offer top quality kitchen scales that are suited for dry food prep as well as stainless steel scales for wet environments. If you need assistance on selecting the right scale for your application, please contact our team today at 1300 738 705 or email [email protected]