A&D FC-i Series High-Resolution Counting Scales

A high-resolution counting scale is a type of digital scale that is designed to provide accurate readings for small objects or items. These scales typically have a resolution of 0.1 grams, making them ideal for use in settings such as retail stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

Best Conditions for Weighing on a Scale:

  • When it comes to getting accurate readings from your counting scale, there are a few factors that you will need to take into account.
  • The surface on which the scale is placed should be level and stable. If the scale is not level, the readings may be inaccurate.
  • Make sure that there are no vibrations in the area where the scale is being used. Vibrations can also cause inaccurate readings.
  • The area should be well-lit so that you can easily see the display on the scale.
  • The temperature should also be taken into account. Most scales are designed to be used in temperature-controlled environments. If the temperature is too high or too low, it can affect the accuracy of the scale. You can consider the 50%~60% relative humidity.
  • Avoid installing the scale near windows or in direct sunlight, as this can also affect the readings.

    A&D FC-i Series - Counting Scale


    For over several years, Anyscales has been providing high-quality, reliable weighing solutions to a wide range of industries. The A&D FC-i series counting scale has a robust and durable design that makes it ideal for use in industrial and commercial environments. It has high internal resolution up to 1/1,000,000 with RS232 interface.

    The large stainless-steel pan provides ample space for counting a wide variety of items, and the super hybrid sensor technology ensures accurate and consistent readings. The scale also features a clear vacuum fluorescent display that is easy to read, as well as a large memory that can store up to 500 items.

    A&D FC-i Series - Counting Scale

    Models, Capacity &Price


    The A&D FC-i series High-Resolution Counting Scale is very reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for those who need a high-quality, reliable scale. It is easy to use and features a robust design that will withstand frequent use. The price depends on capacity, resolution, & connectivity.

    Model Capacity Display Resolution lb Weighing Pan Unit Price Including GST
    FC-5000i 5kg x 0.5g
    300mm x 280mm
    FC-10Ki 10kg x 1g
    0.002 lb
    300mm x 280mm
    FC-20Ki 20kg x 2g
    0.005 lb
    300mm x 280mm
    FC-50Ki 50kg x 5g
    300mm x 280mm

    FC-10Ki Counting Scale

    Weighing food ingredients and other small items are now easier with the FC-10Ki Counting Scale. It has a capacity of 50lbs and readability of 0.005lbs, making it accurate and precise. With its pan size of 11.8x11in/300 x 280mm, it can easily accommodate large items. The sensitivity drift is 0.002%/°C, which means that the scale is not affected by temperature changes. It also comes with a calibration weight of 20kg for accurate calibration.

      FC-10Ki Counting Scale  

    FC-5000i Counting Scale

    The FC-5000i Counting Scale is perfect for either commercial or industrial use. With a capacity of 10 pounds and readability of 0.001 pounds, it's perfect for weighing small items with precision. The pan size is 300 x 280mm /11.8 x 11.0 inches, making it large enough to accommodate multiple items at once. This scale also features a sensitivity drift of 0.002% per degree Celsius, meaning it will maintain its accuracy even in fluctuating temperatures. The 5kg calibration weight ensures that this scale is always accurate. Whether you're counting inventory or portioning out ingredients, the FC-5000i Counting Scale is the perfect solution.

      FC-5000i Counting Scale  

    FC-20ki Counting Scale

    Weighing in at only 50 pounds, the FC-20Ki Counting Scale is perfect for those who need a light-duty scale that is still reliable and accurate. With a readability of 0.005 pounds and a minimum unit weight of 0.02 grams, this scale is perfect for weighing small items with precision. Plus, the sensitivity drift of only 0.002% per degree Celsius means that you can count on this scale to give you accurate readings even in fluctuating temperatures. If you ever need to calibrate the scale, simply use the 20kg calibration weight included with your purchase. With its 11.8 x 11.0-inch pan size, the FC-20Ki Scale is also compact enough to fit almost anywhere.

    FC-20Ki Counting Scale  

    FC-50ki Counting Scale

    Weigh your products with ease using the FC-50Ki Counting Scale. With a capacity of 100lb / 50kg, this scale is perfect for use in a variety of settings. It features readability of 0.01lb / 5g, making it accurate and reliable. The sensitive drift of 0.002%/°C (5°C - 35°C) means that you can count on reliable readings even in fluctuating temperatures. The pan size of 11.8 x 11.0in / 300 x 280mm makes it easy to weigh larger items. The included calibration weight (50kg) ensures accurate readings every time.

    FC-50Ki Counting Scale  


    • One-year warranty for all four models.
    • Rechargeable Battery (Optional)
    • Bulk Counting by Remote platform option
    • Featured with 10,000 displayed divisions for high accuracy.
    • HI/OK/LO alarms - comparator Function
    • UFC function (Universal Flex Coms) for format the printer label

    Other Standard Features of the A&D FC-i Series Counting Scales


    Simple & Quick Operation:


    The scale has a simple three-button operation that makes it easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with digital scales.

    • Easy operation mode and remote scale option.
    • Manual and automatic mode function keys.
    • Standard equipment: AC adapter, Instruction Manual.
    • Rechargeable or powerpack Ni-MH battery.
    • Bright display with LED or Vacuum Fluorescent.
    • Comparator and Accumulation Function.
    • RS-232C Interface for easy connectivity by connecting a cable
    • Facilitated with an Alarm or buzzer function for operational errors.
    • 500 items can be stored in memory.
    • An External printer can be connected.

    Easy operation mode


    High-Resolution Accuracy & Weighing Units:

    • The maximum count display consists of an Internal Resolution of 1,000,000.
    • Provides high accuracy & ACAI (Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement).
    • Increased speed with SHS - Super hybrid sensor technology.
    • 4 selectable units of measure: lb, kg, pcs, & oz.

    High-Resolution Accuracy  

    Image reference: https://www.anyscales.com.au/media/brochures/FC-i-series-counting-scales.pdf

    Long Time Stability & Maintenance:

    • The die-cast frame also provides superior durability, meaning the scale will withstand frequent use and heavy loads.
    • Stainless steel pan has high resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for use in humid or wet environments.
    • Robust design gives longevity to the product.

    Robust design


    Calibration Process of the FC-i Series High-Resolution Counting Scales:

    The process of adjusting an instrument so that it gives a known value for a given quantity is called calibration.

    Calibration of FC-i Series is required when the scale is first installed and then at regular intervals to ensure the scale remains accurate. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when calibrating the scale.

    Calibration Procedure Using a Weight:

    Note: The scale must be connected to electricity for at least half an hour to warm up before starting the calibration process.

    1. First, detach the switch cover of the calibration. Then press the (CAL) switch of the calibration. (You should be able to see the "CAL" in the count of a scale).

    To exit without calibrating the scale, you just need to Press the "CAL switch".

    calibrating process  

    2. For entering into the ZERO & span calibration mod, just press the "ZERO" key.

    You should be able to see the required calibration weight value on the display.

      Step 2

    Note: For different weights, use the [0] to [9] and [.] [10]-key pad to see the desired calibration weight on the display.


    3. Press the ENTER key so that the calibration weight stops blinking And "cal 0" appears.

      Step 3  

    4. Remember, that there should be nothing in the weighing pan.

    Step 4  

    5. Now just place the calibration weight on the scale's pan & after placing it, press the "ENTER" key.

      Step 5

    6. At the end, you’ll need to press the CAL switch. After switching off you can re-attach the switch cover of the calibration.

      last step  

    Gravity Compensation:

    Gravity compensation is a process that ensures the scale is accurate regardless of where it is located. The scale must be calibrated for the specific location in which it will be used. This is because gravity varies depending on the latitude of the location. For example, a scale calibrated for use at sea level will not be accurate if used at a higher altitude, such as in the mountains.

    To compensate for the effects of gravity, the scale must be calibrated at the location where it will be used. To do this, the following steps must be followed:

    1. Start by pressing the "TARE" key, so the display shows the gravity acceleration value stored in the scale.

    2. For displaying the desired gravity acceleration value just use the [0] to [9] and [.] 10 keypad. (For Example the value 9.800 m/s2)

    Gravity Compensation

    3. Press the ENTER key so that the scale will store a new value.

    Note: To calibrate the scale, using a weight, just go to procedure 2 of the previous section.

    press ENTER key

    4. In the end section of the calibration procedure, press the CAL switch and re-attach the switch cover of the calibration.

    Reference: https://www.aandd.jp/products/manual/balances/fc_i_si.pdf

    The A&D FC-i Series High-Resolution Counting Scales are some of the most precise scales on the market. They're perfect for any business that needs to count small items with accuracy. With calibration and gravity compensation features, these scales are sure to meet your needs. At such an affordable price, there's no reason not to invest in a set of counting scales for your business. Contact us today at Anyscales, to learn more about Counting Scales or browse our selection of high-quality industrial scales.