Physician And Personal Health Scales

Designed for use in clinics, rehabilitation centres, aged care facilities, sports training centres, fitness facilities and gyms, physician scales are high quality weighing scales that give precise and accurate weight information.

Choosing the right scale would depend on the application. For example, for a fitness centre or a weight loss clinic, scales with BMI calculation will be used for weight checking. A paediatrician’s office would need baby scales to weigh newborns, infants and toddlers, while a physician’s office may use scales with height rod to measure growth. For diet and fitness management purposes, a robust scale with higher capacity and smaller increments will be a good pick.

At Anyscales, we supply top quality physician scales and balances that are suitable for these purposes, keeping in line with the standards for healthcare and medical practice in Australia.

Our physician scales include:

Physician And Personal Health Scales
H650 Neonatal Baby Scale

The Healthweigh Neonatal Baby Weighing Scale features advanced technology for precision weighing. With a unique movement compensation technology, the scale provides 100% accuracy even when babies wriggle about on the scale.

Physician And Personal Health Scales
Mechanical Physician Scale RL-MPS with Height Rod

The RL-MPS is a medical scale that features a dual die-cast beam for weighing up to 200kg. For easy and convenient viewing, the weight can be read from either the front or back. The retractable, aluminium height rod measures from 60 to 210cm. The scale base has a removable, slip-resistant base cover for easy cleaning.

Physician And Personal Health Scales
H150 Physician Scale with Height Rod (Eye Level Display)

The H150 physician scale is lightweight and slender, and provides precision weighing information. The design patented scale is multifunctional, with height and weight indicated in a single task operation for BMI calculation. The adjustable height rod makes it suitable for children and adults, and the scale features movement compensation technology.

Physician And Personal Health Scales
A&D PW-200KGL Personal Weigher

This Australian-designed personal weighing scale has a capacity of 220kg. Its high accuracy 20g increment ensures optimum accuracy, making it ideal for dietary assessment and weight management. The column can be adjusted or removed as needed, with the no-slip platform providing a safe weighing surface.

Physician And Personal Health Scales
A&D UC-321 Series

The UC-321 is a high quality sports / personal scale that provides ultra precise weighing results. It has a maximum capacity of 150kg, and 50g resolution. Its features include BMI calculation, full digital calibration, and a clear large display. The scale can store up to 31 readings in its memory, and has target weight setting, making it ideal for weight loss monitoring.

Tips to remember when using medical scales to monitor health

Before the weighing process:

  • Make sure the scale is properly calibrated
  • Make sure the scale is set at zero

During the weighing process:

  • The person being weighed should remove shoes and heavy clothing such as jackets
  • The person being weighed should try to remain as still as possible until the weight is recorded
  • If height is being measured, the person should be standing straight, with feet stable on the scale

After the weighing process:

  • Make sure all relevant results and information have been recorded

To find out more about the physician scales we offer, or any other medical scales, please visit our website or contact our team at 1300 738 705.