Pipettes are vital to the functioning of a lab. Whether you need to measure out 1ul or 1200ul of saline solution, hydrochloric acid, water or antibody, there’s a size and shape of pipette designed to help you do it. Back in the day, scientists used ‘mouth pipettes’, much like a straw, to suck up all manner of substances before transferring them to tubes, bottles, laboratory balances, petri-dishes or special lab scales. Thankfully, this practice has been left behind and pipettes have evolved to become more accurate and easy-to-use than ever before.


But if you believe that manual pipettes are the way to go – it’s time to think again. The high precision and multiple mode options (dispensing, mixing, reversing) of the MPA series of single channel electronic pipettes will ensure accuracy and user comfort beyond your wildest expectations.


The MPA Series pipette is compact and delightfully lightweight, which reduces physical strain on the thumb after prolonged periods of lab work. It operates with a high precision stepping motor and has an in-built calibration function for both volume and weight. This frees you from sending the pipette off for calibrating services, as you can do it yourself in-house. With these state-of-the-art features, you can expect consistent, reliable results each time – for both novice and seasoned scientists alike. Here at Anyscales, the digital weighing scales shop we stock four models, each with a different volume capacity to ensure all your bases are covered:


  • MPA-10 Digital Pipette – 0.5 to 10ul
  • MPA-20 Digital Pipette – 2 to 20ul
  • MPA-200 Digital Pipette – 10 – 200ul
  • MPA-1200 Digital Pipette – 100 to 1200ul


Even with the best equipment and impeccable technique, we all know that things go wrong in the lab all the time. The most tried and tested experiments can, at times, yield the most unexpected and unexplainable results. As a scientist, therefore, it’s not enough to be adept at performing an experiment; you must also be able to thoroughly troubleshoot it when things go wrong. You can only troubleshoot effectively, however, if you have the right tools at your disposal.


The A&D AD-1690 Pipette Leak Tester and the A&D Pipette Accuracy Tester make trouble-shooting even the most tiring of experiments a breeze. These ingenious tools will help you ascertain whether your pipettes are compromised, and therefore impacting the results of your experiments.


A&D AD-1690 Pipette Leak Tester instantly identifies any compromise in the pressure integrity of small pumps, piping, storage containers and especially micropipettes. It tests devices up to 50ml using depressurisation to ensure no dust enters the object being tested. It comes with a five-year warranty.

A&D Pipette Accuracy Tester utilises the gravimetric method to determine volume by converting it to a mass measurement. This is a complete test and reporting system with precision weighing and extensive reporting software. There are three models available to cover a wide range of pipette volumes from 20ul and upwards. An industry leading five-year warranty is included.

This full suite of complementary products like PH Meter and other laboratory equipment are perfect for established labs looking to update old equipment, or new labs looking to start from scratch. Despite our name – Anyscales – we stock much more than just laboratory scales – we have a huge array of laboratory equipment on offer. Give us a call on 1300 738 705 so that we can discuss your needs in depth, or chat to us using our online chat facility and an experienced representative will get back to you ASAP.