ANYSCALES is a new brand for the Australian market and has been full tested for the food preparation industrial field in field geo use and most bench scale applications. Designed with a seal around the top pan mounts and the top housing the FA-6000 series are designed to handle very dusty areas and still be able to be cleaned with a wet cloth.

The FA-6000 comes in a ABS Plastic version from 6kg to 30kg capacities as well as a stainless steel top frame version with capacities of 6kg to 15kg versions.


From standard bench scale requirements to food processing the FA6000 Series is a great alternative which has been designed for industrial needs.

On all FA-6000 Bench Scales the top housing is sealed to the weighing mechanism which stops material/ water from entering the housing from the top

For Geo Surveys the FA-6001 comes as a 15kg x 1g unit with a button press to be able to see down to 0.1g

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