Bariatric medicine plays a crucial role in mitigating the effects of Australia’s obesity problems. As such, Bariatric scales are important tools for the health of our nation.

Patient Friendly Bariatric Scales

Any Scales Bariatric scales combine ease-of-use with strength to provide weighing solutions for those who need them the most. Several key design features facilitate the requirements of these patients.

An angled weigh plate, as seen on our FB400 model, allows patients to safely move on and off the scale. The angled deflectors reduce hazards related to stumbling and tripping, allowing obese patients to use the scale comfortably and confidently.

The scale’s weight indicator is driven by four 375kg industrial load cells. A custom foot for each load cell allows for a large surface area to stand low from the ground. This offers a low profile of approximately 40mm, so a small step is all it takes to get onto the scale.

Stainless steel handles provide a hygienic method of support, allowing the patient to brace themselves during weighing. A large diameter rail ensures the patient has a handle that is rigid and thick enough to hold onto for stability.

Reliable Bariatric Scales for Institutions

Hospital ward scales need to be portable. A pair of wheels means the scale is easily moved – but won’t budge when in use. Simply tilting the scale using the hand rails allows the scale to be moved between examination rooms or to a patient’s bedside.

There’s more to a proper Bariatric scale than its physical features. The “brains” of the machine factor into its functionality just as much. The Any Scales FB400 features a weight indication from an industrial indicator. These types of indicators are built to last and are powered with an adaptor and rechargeable batteries.

With an included height rod, powder coated weight plate for durability and a filter algorithm for swift, accurate responses our FB400 Bariatric scale is a remarkable choice for hospitals, clinics and wellness/fitness centres. We ensured all of an institution’s needs would be met by designing the FB400 with the aid of bariatric professionals from QLD Health.

Any Scales offers an Australian designed bariatric scale, manufactured by an Australian weighing manufacturer. It is highly accurate, with a capacity of 400kg and readings in 200g increments. Put our research and expertise into good use for your patients with the FB400.