bariatric scales

Obesity is now recognised as one of the most important global public health problems, as rates continue to rise rapidly around the world. In Australia, the National Health Survey showed that about 67% of Australian adults are overweight or obese, while almost 25% of children are carrying too much weight.

Excess weight is a major risk factor for various diseases and conditions, including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, psychological issues, and some cancers. Being overweight also makes controlling or managing chronic disorders more difficult.

To help treat overweight and obese patients effectively, it is vital to weigh patients accurately with appropriate weighing scales.

Bariatric scales are specifically designed with the patient’s condition in mind, emphasizing strength and safety in the equipment. Featuring accessible platforms and sturdy rails for support, these scales make it easy and comfortable for patients to use, while delivering accurate measurements.

At Anyscales, we offer a good range of bariatric scales to suit different needs:

bariatric scales

The Anyscales FB-400 is a medical floor scale designed with the aid of bariatric professionals from QLD health and built within an industrial format. With a capacity of 400kg, this scale is exceptionally strong yet easy to move from room to room. The angled weigh plate allows for patients to safely move on and off the chair. Other features include stainless steel handles, exceptionally low profile weigh plate, and high accuracy with 200g increment.

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handrail scale

The Shekel H250 handrail scale comes with a stable, integrated seat that provides the patient with safety and comfort through the weighing process. The seat can be easily lifted if need, allowing the patient to be weight while standing as well. Equipped with a robust handrail and high capacity, this bariatric scale is essential for hospitals or clinics that treat heavier patients. Other features include movement compensation technology, BMI function and automatic re-weigh.

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Shekel H350 wheelchair scale

The Shekel H350 wheelchair scale with double ramp is very accessible, thanks to the exceptionally wide ramps on both sides. It comes with advanced movement compensation technology that eliminates involuntary movement made during weighing, ensuring that the weighing information remains exact and accurate. The weight of wheelchair can be reduced with the Manual/Automatic Tare option. This scale can be easily folded and transported on two heavy-duty wheels.

View Shekel H350 with double ramp

Shekel H350 wheelchair scale

The Shekel H350 wheelchair scale with double ramp and seat is perfect for those who require multifunctionality. This accessible scale allows patients to have the option to be weighed using their own wheelchair, or while sitting on the integrated seat, or even while standing and supported by the robust handrails. The scale can be easily folded, and it comes with a large LCD screen for easy viewing. Other features include movement compensation technology, BMI function, automatic re-weigh and optional Bluetooth.

View Shekel H350 with double ramp and seat


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