Bench Scales: Great Tools for Work & Home

Bench Scales, which sometimes encompass platform or counting scales, are important tools for a wide range of industries and can even be used in the home. The combination of versatility and reliability bench scales possess makes them a popular choice for both commercial and private buyers.

Bench scales usually gauge weights up to 300kg. Using kg divisions such as 0.001 or 0.05 degrees means these types of scales provide very accurate measurements. This is important for all industries, as proper measurements are often necessary for preparing products or setting prices.

Bench Scales Uses

Small, affordable scales such as our FA6000 are perfect for dry areas in food prep, or in offices where small items need to be weighed for mailing. They are also great for use out in the field as they are portable, with an internal rechargeable battery that provides over 40 hours of use on a full charge.

Some bench scales have specific uses, such as our AS-VET animal scale which is perfect for Veterinarians. Others are versatile, such as the Ohaus Ranger 3000 which is portable and can weigh, perform parts counting, check counting and provide accumulation data.

For industries where factory or environmental conditions leave your equipment exposed to the elements, you want a water proof scale such as the Ishida IW series. In other facilities it may be important to transfer a scale from the floor to a bench top, and in these cases scales such as those in the A&D FG Series offer both precision and flexibility.

Smaller bench scales and counting scales are great for home use. They work well in the kitchen and can also be used by hobbyists in a workshop or garage.

Weighing Your Options

When choosing a bench scale the important thing is to ensure that your needs are met. If you require a scale for a task related to commerce, where issues with pricing or quantity could lead to equipment inspection, then an NMI approved scale is your likely choice.

When selecting a scale, ensuring you have the correct capacity is equally important to having your desired division size. The capacity of a bench scale should be double the normal weight of the items you are weighing. This allows for a higher capacity to be used when needed while safeguarding the internal load cell from damage caused by slight drops.

No matter what type of Bench Scale you need, Any Scales can provide a top of the line model that will give you accurate, reliable results.