From small practices to integrated clinics and beyond to major hospitals, an accurate blood pressure monitor is essential for measuring key diagnostics. Patients will nearly always have such readings taken, which means the equipment sees frequent use. As such, durability and reliability are required attributes for professional models.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor: A Perfect Fit
There are many features that make a modern digital blood pressure monitor stand out from older or more ordinary models. One important aspect of taking a reading is the fit. A proper fit is required for obtaining accurate data, and technology has caught up to the needs of practitioners to help facilitate this need.

Cuff fit error indicators help reduce time spent on fitting, providing a guide for the person taking the reading. When the fit is proper, the blood pressure monitor will let nurse or doctor know. Another helpful prompt is a Movement error indicator. Equipment with this feature can alert practitioners to potential mistakes made from cuff or patient movement.


The A&D UA-1010 Plus Valve Blood Pressure Monitor features both cuff fit and movement error indicators.

Getting the patient properly fit on the first try saves time for the practitioner while ensuring the patient does not get frustrated. For today’s medical professionals, there are even wrist based blood pressure monitors for quick and easy fitting.


The A&D UB-542 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor combines ease-of-use for the practitioner and patient comfort with reliability and accuracy.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor: Modern Marvels
For the modern medical worker, data is everything and technology provides more and more ways to acquire it. This is true for many medical devices, including the blood pressure monitor. For this particular piece of equipment, features such as an irregular heartbeat indicator provide fast-tracked knowledge to practitioner using it.


The A&D UA-851 Valve Blood Pressure Monitor can help inform practitioners with its built-in Irregular Heartbeat Indicator.

Another data point is given by blood pressure monitors that feature WHO (World Health Organisation) classification indicators. The WHO classification shows where the patient fits on a hypertension scale. Six different blood pressure stages are used, from optimal pressure to severe hypertension.


The A&D UA-787 Blood Pressure Monitor can provide World Health Organisation classification – as can all of the fantastic A&D monitors we carry!

There are two main factors to consider when you are looking to buy blood pressure monitor. The first is the patient’s comfort, which means a cuff that has a good feel or is even free of materials that irritate sensitive skin. The second is ease-of-use for the practitioner, making the job easier with both standard and bonus features.

Anyscales stocks a range of blood pressure monitors suitable for professionals that are also great for the home. Whether you’re a nurse or doctor looking for a feature-rich monitor or someone seeking to monitor personal health for fitness or wellness, we have the right device for you.