handing scale

Accurate weighing equipment is important in warehouses and factories, where employees need to quickly perform tasks in an efficient and accurate manner. It is also essential that these scales are easy to operate, durable and reliable, to keep the environment safe and help the production process be as smooth as possible.

Besides platform and pallet scales, hanging scales or crane scales are also known to be top weighing solutions for warehouses and other similar environments.

What is a hanging scale?

A hanging scale is a versatile weighing equipment that can be used for a variety of applications. Unlike other scales such as platform scales or bench scales, a hanging scale does not have a weighing pan. Instead, a hanging scale suspends and weighs the load using a hook. The scale itself can be held by hand, or suspended from machinery or other apparatuses when measuring an item.


Hanging scales vs crane scales

Hanging scales and crane scales are very similar, in that they both measure items using a hook. The main difference is in capacity and cost.

Hanging scales are usually used to weigh lighter items, and are less expensive. They are very useful for hobbies such as fishing or hunting, but can also be used for commercial applications. For example, they can be used to measure feed bags in farms, or to weigh mail bags in post offices. Hanging scales can also be used at airports to check the weight of baggage, or to weigh fruits and vegetables in markets.

Crane scales are most commonly used in larger industrial weighing applications to weigh heavier goods or cargo. Crane scales are usually placed on a mechanised crane to lift and weigh heavy items at the same time, making it more efficient and safe for operators and workers. This is especially useful when bulky items need to be weighed but are too heavy to lift and place on a platform scale.

Choosing the right hanging scale

There are a number of different types of hanging scales available in the market, which sometimes makes it quite difficult for businesses to choose the right one for their needs. Here are some things to look out for when shopping for hanging scales.


Weighing capacity

As with other types of weighing scales, hanging scales come with different weighing capacities. Some models are designed to take on heavy items, while others can only handle light ones. When looking for a hanging scale, it is best to know the heaviest items you’d need to weigh. An important reminder: although crane scales are sturdy and made for heavy duty weighing, you should never attempt to go over the scale’s capacity.



It is always recommended that you look for scales that are made from durable materials. Although it may be tempting to get a less robust scale that is cheaper, especially if you do not plan on weighing heavy items, it is worth remembering that sturdy scales can last for a longer time. They are also much safer and reliable, and can withstand demanding environments.


Easy to use

Hanging scales should help make your process more efficient. Get a hanging scale that is user-friendly, so that operators do not need to spend too much time trying to understand how to use them. Besides easy to understand manuals and instructions, it is worth checking if the hanging scale comes with a large display. A clear display with big digits means users can easily read the results, and minimise error.



Safety features are an important consideration, especially when choosing a crane scale. As crane scales are normally used for lifting and weighing loads that are extremely heavy, check that the model has a solid safety hook to ensure that the load is well secured, and help prevent accidents.

Other useful features

The tare function comes in handy, as it allows you to remove the weight of nets, pallets or other containers used to hold the load. Besides that, a crane scale that has a remote control operation gives you the option to weigh extremely heavy loads from a further and safer distance. Also, if you work in a remote location or a place where electricity may not always be available, it is worth getting a hanging scale with a long battery life.

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