Does Your Business Need a Postal Scale?

A postal scale is a type of weighing scale specifically designed to weigh mail and parcels to determine the exact weight and postage rate for the item.

They are suitable for postal applications in various industries, including mailrooms, offices, warehouses, retail stores and e-Commerce businesses.

If your business ships out a substantial amount of packages, having a postal scale would definitely make your process more effective and efficient. In addition, it can help you avoid excess postage costs and wasted time waiting in line at the post office, saving you money in the long run.

There are two types of postal scales in the market: mechanical and digital.

Easy to use and affordably priced, mechanical scales work by using a needle meter to show the weight of the package. The drawback is, however, that the springs may stretch out over time and result in inaccurate readings.

Digital postal scales, on the other hand, can be quite expensive, but they offer extra features not found on mechanical scales. The most important benefit, besides its accuracy, is the ability to be linked to the Internet, allowing the digital postal scale to pull the current shipping rate information from the post office to determine the postage price.

Things to Consider When Buying a Digital Postal Scale

Postal scales and postage scales available in the market vary according to suppliers and manufacturers. To choose the right scale for your business, here are some things to consider:

a) Capacity
The postal scale’s weight capacity refers to the maximum weight it can take on. It is recommended that you pick a scale with a higher weight capacity to allow you to weigh large packages.

b) Accuracy and readability
A postal scale that is not accurate can cost you extra money in postage due to weight differences. Check for the precision level as well as the readability of the scale. The usual postal readability is 1g, and shipping readability is 20g.

c) Connectivity
Ensure that the scale has the required connectivity to connect to your PC or other host device.

d) Features
There are many other additional features that can enhance the use of the postal scale, but some of the more important functionalities to have are ‘Hold’ and ‘Tare’, as these help to keep your reading on display even when you remove the package.

Digital Postal Scales in Melbourne

At Anyscales, we offer top quality postal scales that are approved by Australia Post.

A&D AP-30i postal scale

The A&D AP-30i postal scale is designed specifically for precise letter and parcel weighing. Approved for Australia Post LPOs, this postal scale interfaces directly with Australia Post’s EPOS System. It is also trade approved by NMI Australia, so it can be used to calculate postage charges.

The AP-30i features Dual Range Operation for maximum accuracy, and the triple data outlets allow weight transfer to up to 2 EPOS stations and 1 remote display. The Automatic Weight Transmission enables the data to be automatically sent to the EPOS station once the weight is stable.

Other features include:

  • Capacity: 2000g / 30kg
  • Resolution: 1g up to 2000g, 10g up to 30kg
  • Dual Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Low profile and small footprint
  • Fully supported and serviced by A&D
  • 1 year warranty


To find out more about the postal scales at Anyscales, please contact our team directly.