Essential Features to Look for in Commercial Food Scales
If you operate a restaurant, cafe, bakery, or deli, you need to have a reliable and accurate food scale. These weighing scales are important in helping you be more efficient in your food preparation process, as well as in ensuring an accurate and consistent end-product.

When choosing a commercial food scale, here are some important features to look for:

IP Rating

Hygiene is extremely important in the food industry, as the food must remain safe to eat at every stage of preparation, and cross contamination must be prevented at all cost. It is essential, therefore, that scales used in food applications have an IP66 rating or higher. IP66 rated scales are resistant to water, moisture, spills, dust and dirt, allowing them to be safely washed and hosed down after every use.

RS-232 Interface

RS-232 interfaces allow you to connect your weighing scale to computers and printers, so all weighing data can be transferred across easily. This is especially useful if you need to keep detailed records, and also to compile and analyse data for comparisons, quality testing, compliance, inventory control, and more.

Tare Function

Some food may need to be weighed in a container, but you do not want to include the weight of the box in the weight result. The Tare button lets you reset the scale display to zero when you place an empty container on the weighing platform. Then, when you add the food to the container, the display will only show the weight of the contents.

Checkweighing Features

During the food packaging process, accuracy and consistency is key. The checkweighing function helps to ensure the right amount of food goes into every package, so that you do not under or over sell. Other features such as counting, accumulation and formulation are quite useful for this purpose as well.

Legal for Trade

If the sale price of your food product is calculated based on weight, you need to use a legal for trade or trade-approved weighing scale. These scales have been inspected and approved by the National Measurement Institute (NMI), to fulfil certain legal requirements.

Reliable and High Quality Commercial Food Scales

At Anyscales, we offer a wide range of food scales that will suit various tasks and applications in the food industry, including:
Ohaus Valor 4000 Series
Ohaus Valor 4000 Series
The Ohaus Valor 4000 is a low cost, IP rated food scale that is ideal for food processing plants. It features touchless operations, certified food-safe design, and puncture resistant keypads, as well as a choice of stainless steel or plastic housing designs. It is legal for trade, and suitable for both dry and washdown environments.

A&D SJ-WP Water Resistant Bench Scale
A&D SJ-WP Water Resistant Bench Scale

This A&D food scale comes with a unique construction that offers maximum efficiency in sanitary management as well as weight measurement. Because of its IP67 protection, this scale can be soaked directly in water for thorough washing. It also features an externally mounted load cell, multi-coloured LED comparator lights, and a stainless steel top pan.
Ishida IW Series

Ishida IW Series
One of the best value wet area scales in the industrial market, this IP-67 waterproof bench scale comes with three capacities windows – 6kg, 30kg, and 150kg available with multi interval. Its load cell has been coated with acrylic resin to make it completely waterproof, and the scale will not get rust even under harsh operating environments.

You can view our complete range of digital food scales here. If you need assistance in choosing the right weighing scale for your application, or for any other enquiries, please contact our team directly.