Like with most appliances that are required when rearing or working with animals, animal scales are designed so they can be effectively used with cattle or other animals. When weighing animals, one of the bigger challenges is that they may not be as inclined to standing still as humans are, and the constant movement would make it harder to accurately weigh them on regular scales.


At Anyscales, we offer a selection of scales that have been specifically designed to be used with animals. One of these is the Anyscales AM2406 Weigh Beams. The Anyscales AM2406 - Weigh Beams are fully manufactured in Australia. They come equipped with 4x2t load cells that protect it from damage due to overload. The scales come with a capacity of 3000kg with an accuracy of 1kg. The scale can also be set to as low as 600kg, with an accuracy of 0.2kg. The sturdy beams and clear LCD display allow measurements to be seen accurately, making it an efficient addition to the business.


The Anyscales AM2406A is a set of agricultural scales designed for farm weighing and cattle crushes. It has an industrial design with a large foot arrangement for stability and is manufactured in Australia. The beams come with 4x2t load cell for overload protection. The maximum capacity of the scales is 2000kg, with an accuracy of 1kg, but it can also be set to as low as 600kg with an accuracy of 0.2kg. Both weigh beams also come with 3m cable from the beams to the indicator, however the cables can be lengthened upon request.


The Anyscales AS-VET Animal Scale is a range of low cost, low profile animal weighing scales that is designed and built much like an industrial scale. The scales have a capacity of 200kg with an accuracy of 0.1 kg. The platform itself is 900mm x 600mm, large enough to accommodate animals with ease, and comes with wheels and a handle for easy transport. The clear LCD display is also mounted away from the scale, making it easier to read it whilst the animal is on the scale.


In addition to animal scales for sale, Anyscales supplies a wide range of scales for commercial, medical, domestic and educational purposes. Contact us today for vet scales that will aid your business with its stability and accuracy on 1300 738 705 so that we can discuss your needs in depth, or fill out our online contact form and an experienced representative will get back to you ASAP.