The Rice Lake D1000 Body Analyser have been a critical element to the success of many health and fitness professionals around the world. The D100 is a Body Composition Analyzer (BCA) which has been one of the most successful products in the category.

Health & Fitness, over the last few years has become a high involvement industry with more people wanting to become fit that any time in history. While this has caused the demand of gym’s and fitness professionals to rise, the expectations of the customers has also risen.

The enclosed article highlight’s Bode Central’s (a fitness club based in Wisconsin) success story by investing smartly in the Rice Lake D100 BCA to provide great benefits to its customers.

“The BCA doesn’t depreciate. It has helped us grow by leaps and bounds, and has paid for itself 10 times over.” Glenn Gajeski, Treasurer, Bode Central.

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