Hanging scales, work a bit differently than ordinary scales. Instead of putting a load on a weighing pan or a platform, the load is suspended using the hanging scale's hook. The scale itself can hang from machinery, hooks and other apparatuses.

Depending on the capacity, users could put the hanging scale on something like a mechanised crane to lift very heavy things or simply hold a spring hanging scale in their hands to measure a small item.

Hanging scales have many different applications, ranging from weighing fishing nets or luggage to measuring fruits and vegetables. The industrial sector often uses hanging scales to weigh very heavy loads because they can withstand rigorous conditions despite a compact frame, which makes transport easy. While a platform scale or a high capacity floor scale can take a lot of space, a hanging scale can be stored easily.


Digital hanging scales cover a lot of ground, from multiple functions varying between tare and hold, or just the versatility of only needing 3x AA batteries in some cases. Their ease of use is what makes them important to the industries who benefit from their existence. When speaking from our perspective, in what we stock our hanging scales are split over two types.

The first type is the OCSL range and they come with 17mm LCD displays, which is massive for their size.

In terms of important functionality the tare function allows users to remove the weight of nets, baskets, scoops and other containers used to store the loads. LEDs display battery life, units and other relevant information at a quick glance.

The OCS-SP-L hanging scale range is the perfect companion for measuring market goods, such as fish and or fruits or red meat. Its attached stainless steel bowl helps make it very user friendly. Whilst differentiating from the OCSL range in design,it also separates itself in terms of power, while not using AA batteries instead the battery inside is rechargeable.

Hanging scales have aided small and medium business’s for a long time, and it doesn’t seem like their importance will be running out anytime soon. Anyscales have hanging scales for all occasions, scales for big things, scales for huge things, scales for little things and scales for tiny things.