How to Choose the Right Moisture Balance

Moisture balances, also known as moisture analysers, are used in a variety of industries to determine moisture levels in a wide range of samples including food products, grains, soils, chemicals, and more. These balances work by weighing a sample, heating it up, and then weighing it again when it is dry, using the Loss on Drying (LOD) method to measure moisture.

As moisture content can directly affect product quality as well as research applications, moisture balances play an important part within the food processing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals, textiles, paper, and construction industries.

To get optimal results, it is essential that you use the right moisture balance for your application. Some of the most important factors to look out for when buying a moisture balance are:

  • Capacity – The capacity of the moisture balance will determine the heaviest load that can be measured at a given time.
  • Weighing readability – The weighing readability refers to the resolution or the smallest difference that can be shown on the display.
  • Moisture readability – The moisture readability refers to the accuracy of the measurement of the moisture percentage. This is usually one decimal point less than weighing readability.
  • Reproducibility or repeatability – This is the moisture analyser’s ability to show the same result when the same material is tested repeatedly.


Once the above have been determined, there are some other considerations to keep in mind when going through your options, including:

What samples do you measure?
Different sample types may require different method parameters and accessories. For example, if your samples contain solvents, you may need to use a gentle drying program and manual start mode. As such, it is important to check if the moisture analyser offers the drying programs, switch-off criteria, or temperature range that you need for your sample types.

Ease of use
How many operators are expected to use the moisture balance, and what is their skill level in using such an instrument? In situations where there may be many operators using the moisture analyser, it may be best to purchase one that is easy to use, so that operator errors can be prevented. Look out for functionalities such as user guidance, simple shortcuts, and weigh-in aids that will help the operator to follow the right procedure.

Where will you use the moisture balance?
It is extremely important to keep your moisture balance clean and maintained well to avoid inaccuracy and breakdowns. Where possible, choose a moisture analyser that is easy to clean – one that comes with flat stainless steel surfaces, without any dirt traps or hard to reach corners. If the environment tends to be wet, get a waterproof moisture balance that is at least IP67 rated, so that it is sufficiently protected.

Accurate and Reliable Moisture Analysers in Australia
At Anyscales, we offer a wide range of moisture balances to suit your requirements, including:

A&D ML-50 - Moisture Balances

A&D ML-50 Moisture Balances

This moisture balance features A&D’s straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed Secondary Radiation Assist filter, which provides shorter measurement time thanks to fast and uniform heating. The easy handling of sample tray as well as the ergonomically designed pan handle prevent the possibility of burns, while the glass window allows you to check the heating. Other features include high repeatability of 0.001%, self check function, and memory function to store data.

Ohaus MB90 Moisture Analysers

Ohaus MB90 Moisture Analysers

The MB90 moisture analyser uses precisely controlled halogen heating which dries samples quickly and yields fast and repeatable results of 0.01% readability. Designed for tool-free cleaning, its pan handler and heating chamber components can be easily removed for quick maintenance. The MB90 also features a touchscreen icon-based menu navigation to guide operators through every step.

To view our complete range of moisture balances or to find out more about the other laboratory balances we offer, please contact our team today.