How to choose the right retail scale - Anyscales

Retail scales, also known as price computing scales or point of sale scales, are commonly used in various business establishments, including grocery stores, delis and sweet shops. They are specialist weighing devices that calculate an item’s price based on its weight.

These scales have price computing software, which allows you to see weight, unit price and total price when you put an item on the scale.

To ensure you have the right retail scale for your business, here are some features to look out for :

Product/Price Look-Ups (PLUs)

This is a great feature especially if you have a large store. PLUs allow users to store product prices and access them without having to re-enter any information, speeding up the transaction process.

Full, colour-coded keyboard

A full, colour-coded keyboard makes the keys easier to spot, allowing a faster configuration and easy operation.

Easy-to-read LCD display

A big, clear LCD display can help eliminate confusion or potential discrepancies, and reduces risk for error.

Trade approved

In Australia, businesses that sell or measure goods in Australia are required to use a verified trade approved scale.


A light and portable scale with a rechargeable battery allows it to be used in different parts of the store, as well as in mobile settings, such as at a farmer’s market.

Easy to clean

Look for scales with stainless steel pans or plates, to ensure quick and easy cleaning between customers.

Robust and reliable

Good retail scales should have robust feet to ensure they remain stable, whether on a table, a countertop or any unsteady surfaces.

At Anyscales, we carry retail scales from popular brands like A&D and Ohaus:

A&D SG Series - Retail Scale - Anyscales

A&D SG Series

The A&D SG series retail scale has dual range operation for maximum accuracy. It has a light weight but rugged construction, and is ideal for portable weighing. Other features include:

  • Clear and easy to read LCD
  • Stainless steel pan
  • AC or battery operation
  • 12 PLU memory slots
  • Push button and keyboard Tare entry

Ohaus Aviator 5000 - Retail Scale - Anyscales

Ohaus Aviator 5000

The Ohaus Aviator 5000 has a modern, ergonomic design coupled with battery operation, making it both a stylish and efficient tool. Its stainless steel weighing plate means it’s easy to keep hygienic for food safety. Other features include:

  • Backlit three-line LCD display
  • Auto sleep mode when not in use
  • 50 PLU memory slots and 32 preset keys
  • Exchangeable preset card
  • Adjustable rubber non-slip feet

Ohaus Aviator 7000 - Retail Scale - Anyscales

Ohaus Aviator 7000

The Ohaus Aviator 7000 is a robust and accurate digital retail scale, ideal for food markets. Its TN model also has display on a tower. Other features include:

  • Stainless steel plate
  • 100 PLU memory slots and 32 preset keys
  • Adjustable rubber non-slip feet
  • Integrated cable storage
  • Mains operation plus internal rechargeable battery

All three scales are trade approved and certified by weights and measures authorities.

Anyscales is committed to offering only the best digital retail scales that are accurate and precise. If you need help in selecting the best weighing tool for your business, get in touch with us today at 1300 738 705 or email [email protected].