Water proofing and ingress proof are indicated via an IP Rating.

IP Ratings for waterproof scales

For this information sheet we are specifically looking at the second number. This ranges from 0 to 9 with the highest level being 9K.

0 No Protection
1 Vertical Dripping
2 Dripping up to 15° off vertical
3 Limited Spay
4 Splashing from all directions
5 Hose Jet from all directions
6 Strong hose jet from all directions
7 Temporary Immersion (15 min)
8 Continuous Immersion
9K Close range high pressure, high temperature spraying down

Very important note for IP X9K is that the testing is from the horizontal up and does not include the underside of the equipment.

These are exceptionally subjective and in many cases are not what the scale is capable of. The higher the number should offer a form a protection and peace of mind. Be careful, the scale should have been tested by the supplier as ANYSCALES does prior to placing it for sale.

To get the best scale for your application please email your specific conditions and our experienced technical staff will offer server options in many cases to assist in your selection.