Sturdy, durable chair scales are an essential piece of equipment in any hospital or healthcare facility, allowing doctors and the staff to monitor a patient’s weight without compromising on their comfort. In most cases, patients are unable to stand without support, or stand for too long, and chair scales ensure their vitals can still be accurately tested. Other preferred features in chair scales include a design that is easy to clean and maintain, an ergonomic style that minimizes the effort required to use it, a clear display, simple operation, long battery life, and finally, safety features that will prevent any mishaps, and a push handle that enables easy control.

Chair ScaleThe chair scales range at Anyscales are top of the line products that combine quality with strength and accuracy. The Shekel Electronic Multifunction chair scale offers a range of functions in one product, such as an integrated, rectractable seat for patients to sit on comfortably whilst being weighed. Alternatively patients can also be weighed using their own wheelchair, or stand using the robust handrail for support. The scale comes with movement compensation technology that allows patients to be accurately weighed despite movement. Other features include BMI function, tare, print and option to switch between kgs and lbs. With updatable firmware, the scale will continue to offer the latest technology, making it a long term investment.



A&D HVL-CS is a purpose built chair scaleThe popular A&D HVL-CS is a purpose built chair scale, and is ideal for hospitals, health clinics and aged care facilities. The scale has a weighing capacity of 150kg with a 50g accuracy, and a full digital calibration (FDC), that ensures accurate and simple calibration. The dual power supply means that the scale can also be battery operated, allowing it to be used wherever needed. The Australian-made and designed scale is quick and easy to operate, with an auto power off feature that helps preserve battery life. The scale is also highly portable, comes with a push handle that the staff can use when moving it, and an easy to clean chair shell that will allow for maximum hygiene.



Shekel Hand Rail Scale The Shekel Hand Rail scale is both a chair weighing and stand-on scale, with an integrated, retractable seat that can be easily lifted, allowing the patient to be weighed by standing on it, using the handrail for support. The scale comes with movement compensation technology making it easier to weigh patients on it. Other features of the scale include a BMI function, option to weigh in kgs or lbs, tare, zero and hold. The scale also comes with a capacity of 360kg, with a 100g accuracy.





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