We are excited to announce that our End of Financial Year Sale is now on!

If you’ve been looking to get a new scale or weighing equipment for your business, this is the best time to do so. On top of our already amazing prices, you can now enjoy an extra 15% off all A&D products as well as selected Anyscales scales!

Some of the items on sale include:

postal scale

A&D AP-30i Postal Scale

This postal scale comes with dual range operation for maximum accuracy when weighing letters and parcels. It is fully approved by NMI Australia, which means the scale can be used for calculating postage charges. This postal scale also interfaces directly with Australia Post’s EPOS Systems.

 analytical balances

A&D GR Series Analytical Semi-Micro Balance

The GR series analytical balances deliver advanced, reliable and accurate weighing, with a two-layer housing construction that minimises the negative effects of ambient temperature changes. It also has an internal automatic calibration function, data memory to store up to 200 sets of weighing data, and built-in underhook capability.

counting scale

A&D HC-i Series Counting Scale

The HC-i is a high quality industrial counting scale with 1 in 750,000 count accuracy. Other features include: 99 ID memories, detachable display unit, audible weighing assist beeping function, and unit weight entry navigation system. It also has a built-in comparator to allow check weighing of pre-packaged goods.

moisture balance

A&D MS-70 Moisture Balance

Get fast and uniform heating with the halogen lamp and SRA technology in this moisture balance. Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate samples are provided to allow accuracy check, and there’s high repeatability of 0.001%. The ergonomically designed pan handle helps eliminates mishaps such as burns, and the glass windows allows for easy check of heating.

MPA pipette

A&D MPA Single Channel Pipette

The MPA series electronic pipette feels lightweight with a lowered centre of gravity and a compact design. Operated with a high precision stepping motor, the MPA pipette also has a function that allows calibration to be done in-house. The display panel has impact-absorbing pads to protect it from damage due to falls, and the user-friendly design makes it easy to control.

precision balance

A&D GF Series Precision Balance (Trade Approved)

The GF Series is a high precision balance featuring optimum weighing and settling time, using the patented weighing mechanism Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS). It has an ultra-fast response speed, typically in just one second. It also has a built-in animal weighing software, multiple weighing units, external calibration, and GLP data output format.

A&D UB-542 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This wrist blood pressure monitor has a stylish slim body and a large LCD, with a clock and calendar function that reminds you of your morning or afternoon measurements. It also includes an Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicator and a blood pressure classification indicator.

personal scale

Anyscale DT05-SC Single Chart Personal Scale

The DT05-SC Single Chart personal scale is a stylish bathroom scale that not only suits domestic use but also perfect for doctors surgeries. It has a chromed housing, 160kg capacity and a resolution of 1kg. It is also a mechanical scale, which means no batteries are needed.

To view all our EOFY sale* items, please head to our website today! If you need more information or assistance in choosing the right weighing equipment, contact our team today at 1300 738 705 or email [email protected]

*Terms and Conditions apply. Offer ends on 31st July 2019.