When buying a pallet scale there are a couple of things that need to be asked these included

1. What Capacity is needed for the scale

2. What physical size (if not for standard pallets)

3. Does it need to be trade approved

The third items can dictate some of the answers concerning what to choose for a capacity but here are a couple of items that need to be thought through.

If the fork lift on site has a capacity of only a 1.5t why purchase the scale as a 3t. When it comes to servicing the scale the higher the capacity usually dictates the cost. A 1500kg platform is cheaper to calibrate than a 3000kg (with the same division sizes).

  • If the unit is trade approved than the testing of the corners is less for the lower capacities. Again there is less chance of rejections and running costs are reduced.
  • Note you don’t have to half the capacity, you can ask for 2t instead of 1.5t. Your decision as long as you have the appropriate load cell capacity.
  • For 3t trade platforms, 1t load cells is the most common. For 3t non trade platforms we can put 2t load cells under each corner to protect the scale further.