Modern day pipettes are far more complicated than the simple droppers of the past; they are intricate tools and many create partial vacuums above the liquid, which is manipulated to draw up and release the contents of the pipette. Part glass and part machine, these utensils are able to meet the demands of doctors and scientists in the 21st century.

Today’s high-end pipettes are compact and light. A low centre of gravity helps keep hands steady, as does a top quality motor. With precise internal mechanisms it is possible to calibrate the tool without the use of external aide.

Pipette Protection & Care

As science and medicine advances, the instruments used to facilitate research, experiments and treatments become increasingly efficient. This means they also become more intricate and require proper testing and maintenance.

One important aspect of a pipette that should be tested regularly is its accuracy. The best pipette accuracy testers are based on the gravimetric method. To ensure testing is done efficiently it is wise to use a tester that complies with ISO Standards.

Leaks are another important thing to check for, and with modern pipettes this requires sophisticated equipment. The naked eye cannot account for pressure leaks in small pumps, piping and containers. A dedicated leak testing unit ensures your pipettes are in their best condition.

Only the Best

Pipettes are important tools, and their high-tech nature means maintenance is crucial. To this end, high quality pipettes and testing equipment are sound investments.

Any Scales can provide you with accuracy testers that are precise and include robust reporting software. We also carry top of the line leak testers and a range of single channel pipettes that will ensure reliable results for all of the precise liquid measurements you need to make.