platform scales
Accurate weighing in warehouses is crucial to prevent customer complaints, inconsistent packaging, inefficiency, compliance failures, safety problems and more.

As platform scales have large base sizes and high capacities, they are suitable for weighing over-sized items, making these scales a perfect weighing solution for warehouses.

Here are 6 other reasons why you should use platform scales in your warehouse:


When weighing in warehouses, accuracy is essential for quality control and to meet regulations. Platform scales not only have high capacities, but tend to offer high resolutions as well, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in weighing results. The A&D AD-300 series, for example, can weigh in increments to 0.1kg.


Platform scales in warehouses often need to take on large and heavy items, which means they need to be robust and durable. Most platform scales are built with high quality components such as mild or stainless steel, which makes them ideal for heavy duty use for a long time. Some are also waterproof and resistant to corrosion. The A&D SW Series is a perfect scale for harsh environments, as it is not only made from stainless steel, but it is also IP69K - able to take heavy duty cleaning with high pressure and high temperature water.

Easy to load

The low profile design of a platform scale allows for easy access and loading. This is especially useful in warehouses, as items can be loaded by fork trucks or wheeled onto the platform pan with fitted ramps, saving time and ensuring smooth operation. If your warehouse needs something very low, consider the A&D AD-600 Series or the Anyscales Platform Scale PL-3000-S. .

Easy to operate

When choosing your platform scale, be sure to go with one that has an easy to operate indicator. An indicator that is clear and user-friendly with many quick functions will make weighing processes so much easier. The A&D HVW-C / HVW-CP Series features an indicator that is easy to use, bright and multi-coloured LED comparator lights, alphanumeric keypad, and even a key lock function.


Some platform scales, like the A&D FG Series, come with an optional RS-232 output. This allows the scale to be connected to a printer, so that you can easily print your weight data out. You can also choose to connect the scale directly to a PC to create an Excel spreadsheet, or to store the information digitally.

Safe and compliant

By weighing your goods in the warehouse with an accurate and reliable platform scale, you are able to avoid unsafe situations, such as overloaded vehicles. Besides that, businesses that ship goods overseas are also often required to provide a verified proof of weight with their goods. Trade Approved platform scales such as the A&D FS-Ki Series can usually be used for this purpose.

By having a platform scale in your warehouse, you will be able to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as have peace of mind.

Anyscales offers a range of platform scales to suit all business requirements. To find out more, please get in touch via email or call 1300 738 705.