Weighing scales play an important role in the market, especially for businesses who need to have exact measurements for their purchases and stock. But when it comes to businesses that deal with larger products, platform scales are indispensable.

What are platform scales?

Platform scales, also known as pallet scales, have a big platform on which large and heavy items can be placed and weighed safely. These commercial scales are typically used in warehouses, factories and other industrial environments, and are designed to weigh boxes, cartons, pallets, animals and other large items.

These scales are usually combined with weighing indicators, and can take the form of U-frame and dual pallet beams, pallet trucks and platforms. Platform scales feature sloped sides or ramps, to make it easier to move large palleted goods and other heavy objects onto the weighing pan.

Who should use platform scales?

Platform scales are especially useful in agricultural and veterinary industries, as they allow multiple animals to be weighed at once and can be customised to work alongside almost any cage or platform type. This leads to increased efficiency as well as a decrease in cost.

However, for businesses that are not of those industries, platform scales can still be of great help as they are able to accurately check the weight of boxes, containers and palleted goods before distribution or storage.

What are the platform scales available?

At Anyscales, we supply durable, non-corrosive and water resistant platform scales to businesses at wholesale prices. Our products include:

The PL3000 platform range is designed around a fixed type weigh plate and load cell. This is the most common system found in the weighing industry, and these pallet scales have been designed to ensure rigidity of the top plate to assist in even loading of the weighing system. This range comes in several options:


The Defender 3000 platform scales are for washdown applications, and they feature durable all-stainless steel bases and columns. Its IP66 stainless steel indicator is a powerful weighing machine, and by enabling its various modes, you have the flexibility to customise the industrial bench scale for a wider variety of specific applications at no additional cost or complexity.

Meanwhile, the AM2406A agricultural weigh beams are designed for farm weighing and cattle crushes. It has a capacity of 2000kg with an accuracy of 1kg, with large foot arrangement for stability.

Get in touch with Anyscales today, and we can help you select the best platform scales according to your needs.