Scales for personal health and fitness management


Whether you are working to improve your fitness, lose some weight, or just want to proactively manage your health, having an accurate weighing scale can go a long way towards helping you achieve your goals. And as more of us are beginning to work out at home this year, it is worth investing in a good quality personal health scale for better weight and fitness management.

Personal health weighing scales are designed to assist us in monitoring our progress. Usually used in home gyms or by athletes who need to commit to a certain fitness goal, these scales are extremely precise and accurate, and often come with features such as body fat analysis and weight tracking.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a personal health scale:

Mechanical or digital

Although most people would go for digital scales, there are some advantages to using mechanical scales. Firstly, mechanical scales do not need to be plugged into power to function, making them versatile and easy to use in places without power points. They often cost less than digital scales, and are fairly easy to operate.

Digital scales, though, tend to come with better features. Most digital personal or bathroom scales are able to calculate BMI, and they display results quickly and clearly on the screen. Other features include memory function, allowing you to easily track changes in body weight.


Most personal scales have a capacity of between 120kg to 180kg, although there are some that go up to 200kg. You should also consider the size of the platform – it should be nice and wide enough for you to stand on. Overweight users may want to look for a bathroom scale that has a lower and wider platform.

As mentioned above, memory function would allow you to track your weight over time. BMI calculation will help you determine if you are within a healthy weight range, while muscle mass, body fat percentage, and body water measurements can be useful to monitor your health and progress.


Your price budget is definitely a consideration when buying a personal scale. However, it is important to remember that personal scales are an investment that can provide a good return. A high quality personal scale is accurate, reliable and durable, and can last you a very long time.

Cheaper models, while costing less to buy, tend to break more easily and quickly, which means you’d need to keep buying replacements. This would inevitably cost you more in the long run.

Personal health scales at Anyscales

We offer a wide range of personal health scales that are suitable for homes, gyms, and small clinics, including:


Anyscale DT05-DC Dual Chart Personal Scale

Anyscale DT05-DC Dual Chart Personal Scale

This is a stylish mechanical scale that features a chrome finish. It has a 160kg capacity with 1kg accuracy, and displays both kg and lb on a clear, large dial. The DT05-DC is robust and sturdy, with a good sized foot print to stand on.


A&D UC-321 Series

A&D UC-321 Series

This high quality sports / personal scale is perfect for those who need to monitor their weight precisely, including athletes and dialysis patients. The UC321PL model has a maximum capacity of 200kg, and features BMI calculation, full digital calibration, and target weight setting. It can also store up to 31 weights, making it ideal for weight loss monitoring.


A&D PW-200KGL Personal Weigher

A&D PW-200KGL Personal Weigher

A purpose built personal weighing scale, the PW-200KGL has a high capacity of 220kg. It also has a high accuracy 20g increment, making it ideal for weight management and dietary assessment. It features accurate freeze display reading, and the column is adjustable or removable. The PW-200KGL also has a non-slip weigh platform, and is easy to move around.

To find out more about our complete selection of personal health scales, or for assistance to find one that best suits your needs, contact Anyscales today.