The Importance of Using Intrinsically Safe Scales

Preventing fire and explosions is a top priority in businesses, especially in industries that present a high risk of fire. In some environments where flammable gasses are handled, the risk is quite apparent. In other situations, however, the risk may not be as obvious even though it is still there.

Dust, for example, can be highly combustible in some industrial environments, and when dust meets with oxygen and an ignition source, a fire could happen. The ignition source could come from a hot surface or even a small spark from any electrical equipment, including a digital scale.

To reduce the risk of fire and explosions, organisations that operate in potentially explosive environments should consider using intrinsically safe equipment.

What are intrinsically safe equipment?
Intrinsic safety refers to a design approach that is applied to equipment used in hazardous areas. Intrinsically safe equipment are made in such a way that they do not generate enough energy to cause ignition, keeping temperatures low and preventing sparks.

There is a wide range of industrial equipment that are available in intrinsically safe forms, including cameras, flash lights, radios, as well as digital weighing scales.

Who needs intrinsically safe weighing scales?
Intrinsically safe scales are ideal for hazardous areas such as coal mines, explosives handling facilities, chemical storage areas, and more. However, as long as your work environment has some combustible materials (including vapour and dust), you might need to consider using intrinsically safe scales to reduce the risk of fire and explosion.

When intrinsically safe scales are used in hazardous areas, it helps to protect your staff from fire and explosion risks, as well as ensure a safer work environment. Maintenance and diagnostic work can be done without needing to shut down the entire production, plus you get to avoid the cost of putting in place explosion proof enclosures.

Intrinsically Safe Scales at Anyscales

A&D EK-EP Intrinsically Safe Balance

A&D EK-EP Intrinsically Safe Balance

The A&D EK-EP is an affordable weighing scale that is compact and lightweight while providing excellent explosion protection. It comes with a chemically resistant and hygienic stainless steel weighing pan, and an easy-to-read 16mm LCD display with backlight.

Features include multiple weighing units, adjustable response characteristics, comparator function, and auto power OFF function.

The EK-EP is battery operated, and requires no power supply from a safe area via a safety barrier.

A&D HV-CEP Series Platform Scale

A&D HV-CEP Series Platform Scale

These HV-CEP series weighing scales are IECEx compliant, making them an intrinsically safe and effective weighing solution for hazardous area weighing.

The HV-CEP series offer a wide selection of capacities and resolutions, and all models are offered at affordable prices. Its base unit is IP65 dust and waterproof, which means they can weigh wet objects and be washed with water without any problems. The surface of the stainless steel pan is resistant to chemicals, scratches and rust, and extremely easy to keep hygienic.

Features include high speed measurement, display hold function, five selectable combinations of weighing speed and stability, 25mm LCD display with white backlight, and long battery life of approximately 1,500 hours.

To find out more about these intrinsically safe digital scales that can keep your work environment safe, please contact Anyscales directly.