The importance of weight for prescription dosing

Patient weighing is a standard routine in the clinic or hospital, but its importance can sometimes be overlooked. In actual fact, weight-checking is essential for accurate drug dosing, nutrition needs and fluid balance assessment.

Many types of medicines and their dosages depend on a patient’s weight for efficacy and safety. As such, it is essential, almost critical, to get the weight as accurately as possible, because wrong data can sometimes lead to over-prescription, which can have life-threatening effects.

According to Rice Lake’s White Paper “Prescription Dosing Depends on Weight”, there are several factors that could affect proper weighing practices and contribute to incorrect weight data. Some are unpredictable circumstances like staff shortages or irregular, after-hours admissions. Some are due to the equipment: perhaps the weighing equipment is not accurate enough, or it was an incorrect use of the scale. Patient mobility limitations can also affect intake.

Weighing errors can negatively affect all patients, but especially obese patients, as well as paediatric, elderly and immunocompromised patients. These groups must be monitored closely for drug tolerances, even when given correct weight-based dosing.

The good news is, dosing errors based on incorrect weight can be avoided. Prevention begins with proper weighing equipment that is accurate, precise and durable. Patient scales should also come with features that help reduce human error, such as movement compensation technology, electronic health record capability, and locking units of measure.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a manufacturer and distributor of weight-related products and supplies since 1946. As an industry leader, the company continues to merge progressive technologies with industry experience to create the future of weighing.

Anyscales is proud to offer Rice Lake’s medical weighing equipment, including:

Mechanical Physician Scale RL-MPS with Height Rod

Mechanical Physician Scale RL-MPS with Height Rod

The RL-MPS is a medical scale for both physicians and health care providers. It features a dual die-cast beam for weighing up to 200kg. The weight can be read from the front or the back, and the scale base is designed with a removable, slip-resistant base cover for easy cleaning.

  • Dual read capacity and height rod
  • Sturdy enamelled steel body
  • Easy operation with two sliding weights
  • Rear wheels for portability ease
  • Retractable aluminium height rod


H150 Physician Scale with Height Rod (Eye Level Display)

H150 Physician Scale with Height Rod (Eye Level Display)

The H150 Physician medical scale series is designed for both modern appearance and contemporary function. Lightweight and slender, this physician scale is a professional tool providing precision weighing information. The design patented scale is multifunctional: height and weight are indicated in a single task operation for BMI calculation.

  • Includes movement compensation technology
  • Zero / Hold / Print / kg / lb buttons
  • Updatable firmware included
  • Automatic re-weigh
  • Auto power off


Rice Lake 550-10-1 Chair Scale

Rice Lake 550-10-1 Chair Scale

The 550-10-1 digital chair scale is designed to weigh patients who find it difficult to stand. The smooth durable molded plastic seat is easy to clean, comfortable, and safe for weights up to 300kg. Its swing-up arms enable easy access from either side. The Motiontrap movement compensation technology eliminates inaccuracies caused by movement during weighing process.

  • Flip-up footrest
  • Four heavy-duty casters for easy, quiet manoeuvring
  • Large LCD display
  • Simple to use indicator attached behind the backrest
  • Updatable firmware


From baby scales to bariatric scales to blood pressure monitors, Anyscales carries a wide range of medical equipment. Visit our website to view the available medical tools, or contact us for more information.