Types of scientific or laboratory scales - Anyscales

Scientific scales are one of the most important equipment in the laboratory, as assessing and recording weights is an integral procedure in lab work. Having the right balance can sometimes make the difference between a successful or a failed experiment.

There are several types of laboratory balances, and these weighing instruments come in a variety of sizes, variable resolutions and multiple weight capacities.

Anyscales offer a wide range of laboratory scales, including:

Compact Balances

Compact balances are perfect for those who need a scale that is portable or that can be stored away easily. Although small and compact in size, these highly capable scales can still get the job done accurately and reliably.

Anyscales THB Balance - Anyscales

Anyscales THB Balance

  • Capacity: 3000g x 0.05g
  • Pan size: 124mm x 144mm
  • Clear display with back light

Ohaus Scout General SPX Portable Balances - Anyscales

Ohaus Scout General

  • Fast weighing stabilisation
  • ABS housing with stainless steel weighing pan
  • Bright backlit LCD display

Precision Balances

Precision balances, also known as top loading balances, are designed for highly accurate results, within the sub-milligram range. Used for the measurement of small samples, these scales normally offer multiple weighing units and produce steady readings in a wide range of environmental conditions. They also usually have the capability to output to a PC or printer.

A&D FXi-WP Water Proof Series Precision Balance - Anyscales

A&D FXi-WP Series

  • Resistant to all spills of foreign material
  • One touch internal calibration
  • Animal weighing function for weighing unstable samples

A&D GF Series - Precision Balance (Trade Approved) - Anyscales

A&D GF Series

  • Ultra fast response speed – typically just one second
  • Built in under hook capability
  • External calibration

Analytical Balances

Perfect for serious research and product development, analytical balances are designed to accurately measure small mass in the sub-milligram range. These scales have a transparent enclosure with doors to protect samples from being affected by air currents.

Anyscales IHB Laboratory Analytical Balance

Anyscales IHB

  • Capacity of 300g x 0.001g
  • ADC Internal Update Rate 1/10 seconds
  • Left/right and top windows move for access

A&D GR Series - Analytical Semi-Micro Balance - Anyscales

A&D GR Series

  • Two layer housing construction
  • Automatic self-calibration on ambient temperature changes
  • Data memory to store up to 200 sets of weighing data

High Capacity Balances

Built to withstand the rigours of heavier weighing and capable of special functionality, high capacity balances are ideal for laboratory and industrial use. These scales are especially useful when large capacity and high resolution are simultaneously required. They are reliable no matter what field you work in, even in hostile environments.

A&D EK-L - High Capacity Compact Balance - Anyscales

A&D EK-L Series

  • Large weighing pan: 300mm x 210mm
  • Comparator, display hold, auto power Off functions
  • Security ring for wire-locking the scale

Ohaus explorer Precision High Capacity Balances - Anyscales

Ohaus Explorer

  • Two sensors on display for hands-free operation
  • Features include AutoCal and a 1 second stabilisation time
  • Die-cast metal base and stainless steel pan

Moisture Balances

Moisture balances, also known as moisture analysers, consist of a weighing unit and a heating unit. They are used to determine the moisture content of a sample by using the loss on drying (LOD) method. Many of these scale models can connect to PCs and display moisture content graphs.

A&D ML-50 - Laboratory Moisture Balances - Anyscales

A&D ML-50

  • Fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp and SRA technology
  • High repeatability of 0.001%
  • Glass window allows check of heating

Ohaus MB25 - Moisture Analyzer

Ohaus MB25

  • Halogen heat source
  • Standard RS232C serial interface
  • Readability from 0.05%


Selecting the right laboratory scale

When purchasing a new laboratory balance, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Types of applications

Besides weighing, do you need built-in functions such as checkweighing or formulation? Also, will the scale be used within a lab or out in the field, and do you need to connect it to other equipment?

  1. Capacity

Capacity refers to the maximum weight that the scale can take. To yield an accurate result, the total load placed on the scale must be within the rated capacity. When considering capacity, don’t forget to include the weight of scoops or containers that might be used.

  1. Weighing units

Some applications require specific measurement units. For example, scientific laboratory applications usually need grams and milligrams, while jewellery often require carats. Most modern models, however, do offer multiple weighing units.

  1. Minimum readability

Readability is the smallest division a balance can display, and some test methods do specify a minimum readability for better results. A scale with readability of 1 gram will show weights in whole grams instead of decimals or fractions. So if, for example, you weigh chemicals to the nearest 10mg (0.01g), you should get a balance with readability of 0.001.

  1. Pan size

The weighing pan must be large enough to fully support the items being weighed, including the containers. If samples extend beyond the platform, results may be inaccurate or unstable.

  1. Extra features

Besides the standard features, some scales have extra functions. Besides other power and portability options, do you need special features such as internal calibration, weigh-below capacity and overload protection? What about elemental protection or data collection features? Also, if you weigh living, moving animals, do you need a dynamic weighing function?


These considerations will help you pick a device most suitable to your needs. Ready to purchase? Take a look at our full range of scientific and laboratory scales on our website.

Besides weighing scales, Anyscales also carry other tools and equipment that are essential for lab work, such as pipettes and testers, centrifuge equipment, PH meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters and force measuring equipment.

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