A moisture balance is commonly used in laboratories, and determines the moisture content of a sample using a weighing and heating unit. The halogen lamp in the balance works according to the Loss on Drying principle. In order to measure the moisture content, the sample’s start weight is noted down, following with the halogen radiator heats and dries the sample while the integrated balance continues to record the weight of the sample. When the sample stops losing any further weight, the balance then calculates the final moisture content, and the total loss in weight in used to calculate the moisture content of the sample.

One of the reasons why this halogen lamp works this well is due to the use of a halogen lamp. Samples that need to be weighed absorb the halogen radiation to heat up quickly, as compared to a convection oven, which takes longer to heat the sample up. The speed with which halogen moisture balances weigh samples has made them a preferred scale type. Due to their efficiency, these balances are also used in the food, plastics and pharmaceuticals industries.

Picture 1 - A&D MS 70

At Anyscales, we offer a range of moisture balances with different specifications. The A&D MS-70 moisture balance comes with a halogen lamp and uniquely designed secondary radiation assist filter, which offers a shorter measurement time, along with fast and uniform heating. Additionally, the ergonomically designed pan handle eliminates the scope of mishaps such as burns that may occur when moving a hot sample tray into or out of the unit from either side. Other features of this balance include five years warranty, high repeatability of 0.001%, sodium tartrate dihydrate samples for accuracy checks, memory functions to store data, four measurement programs and a standard RS232C serial interface.

The A&D MX-50 moisture balances also come with a five year warranty, ensuring longevity on the product. Ideal for 51g samples, the balance offers fast and uniform heating with a halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology. It comes with a high repeatability of 0.001%, memory function to store data, four measurement programs, glass window that allows you to check the heating, self-check function and a standard RS232C serial interface.

In addition to moisture balances, Anyscales also stock a wide of other scales, including economic balances, compact balances, analytical balances and conductivity meters. Get in touch with Anyscales today to discuss your equipment needs.