Most commonly used in heavy duty weighing, crane scales are used to weigh goods and cargo or any other type of hanging load. They are essential when bulky items need to be weighed but are too heavy to lift and place on a platform scale. Instead, the crane scale lifts the items and weighs it at the same time, offering industrial businesses a more efficient weighing solution. Only a few of the industries that make use of crane scales include construction, transport, aviation, factories and marine businesses – essentially, any industry that would benefit from a more convenient alternative to platform scales.


Crane scales are typically rechargeable battery operated and come equipped with all the parts you may need when using it, in addition to the choice between pounds and kilograms as measurement units. In many aspects, crane scales have an edge over platform scales since they offer high capacity and are highly accurate. They are also more effective when it comes to weighing awkwardly shaped cargo and goods, which may not necessarily fit well on platform scales. When weighing such objects, all you need to do is ensure they have a secure handle that the crane scale’s hook can hold onto when lifting it.

Furthermore, crane scales are compact and easier to use when space is limited, making it a better alternative over platform scales that would struggle to fit in a smaller space. They are a better scale type to opt for when you need to maximize the use of every bit of space you have access to. Since the crane scale can be easily taken to where the goods to be weighed are, they reduce the possibility of any accidents that may occur when the goods are being transported to a scale to be weighed. The risk of damage and accidents is reduced significantly as traditionally separate stages of transporting with a crane and weighing are combined into one.

At Anyscales, we stocks different crane scale models that would be appropriate for varying business needs. The scale capacities we offer range from 500kg-10 tons. These scales also come with easy-to-read LCD or LED displays, depending on the model. Looking to purchase crane scales for your business? Get in touch with Anyscales for all your weighing and scaling needs today. Call us on 1300 738 705, or fill out our online contact form for any queries.