To sell goods by weight or measure in Australia, it is required by law to use a verified trade approved scale or other types of weighing equipment. Some scales come with a trade certificate when purchased but not all scales can be issued a certificate of accuracy.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) approves a particular scale as a trade verified scale if it is in accordance with their regulations. Once a scale or weighing instrument has been approved, it is then issued with an NMI Approval number. Scales or weighing equipment with NMI approval numbers are therefore able to be tested and verified by accredited personnel, allowing the equipment to be used for legal trade use.

Why should you take it seriously?

Businesses that sell goods by measurement, or that manufacture, pack, import or sell pre-packaged goods, are required to comply with the Australian trade measurement laws. This also applies to companies who supply or maintain measuring instruments.

The laws apply to both wholescale and retail businesses. If a business is caught short-measuring its customers, it can be fined up to $170,000 per offence for a company. And for an individual, the fine is upto $34,000.

Hence, if you use a measuring instrument such as a scale to sell goods, you must make sure it is:

  • An approved type, that is suitable for its intended purpose
  • Verified before use by a licensed technician or inspector
  • Used in the correct manner (e.g. level and indicating zero before use)
  • Kept clean and in good working order
  • Verified after each repair or adjustment.


Finally, the benefits of using a trade verified scale include –

  • Satisfy your customers by accurately filling orders
  • Avoid fines of up to $170,000 per offence
  • Save money by not unintentionally giving away higher quantities of your product


ANYSCALES is able to provide trade verification for qualifying products when you are purchasing it from our website.