postal scale

What is a postal scale?

A postal scale, often referred to as a shipping scale, is a sensitive scale that is designed to weigh postal packages. It helps determine the postage rate applicable for a particular letter or parcel that’s being shipped. Many companies invest in a postal scale for their offices, saving time by eliminating going to the post office and reducing excess costs on incorrect postage.

What are the different types of postal scales?

Postal scales are available in different types and sizes. Whether you’re in the market for a simple manual scale or a more sophisticated digital one. Mechanical postal scales are a simpler and cheaper option. They use a needle to physically indicate the weight of a letter or parcel however, one of the main drawbacks of using this type of scale, is that over a period of time, the springs tends to stretch leading to inaccurate readings. Another drawback is that a mechanical postal scale only provides you with the weight of the package, leaving you to separately calculate the actual postage of the item.

On the other hand, digital postal scales, whilst being more expensive, offer a host of benefits that mechanical scales just can’t match up to. Digital scales allow you to easily calibrate the accuracy of your scale, without having to worry about physically replacing any worn-out parts. They also stay accurate for longer, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing the scale for some time.

Why do I need a postal weighing scale?

Why risk having one of your shipments returned because it’s been weighed incorrectly with incorrect postage. Instead, investing in an accurate postal scale ensures that your parcels are weighed and priced correctly, so they reach your customers on time. When choosing a postal scale, check to see if it comes with a display that changes colours too. That way, you will be able to check if your packages are under, over or within the given weight limits.

What are the benefits of owning a postal scale?

Owning a postal scale for your business has several benefits. One of the biggest is the potential saving of hundreds of dollars over a period of time. Often, businesses overpay for postage to ensure that the package is delivered properly and on time, rather than underpaying and receiving a returned parcel for incorrectly estimating the weight. Another advantage is the manhours saved, especially when using a digital postal scale. Rather than sealing and lugging the package to your nearest post office only to stand in line and wait your turn, simply weigh, create a shipping label, and have your local provider pick it up, all without you having to leave the office.

Am I paying too much for my postage?

Far too often, many sellers overestimate the weight of the items they are shipping and end up paying far more than they should. Whilst it may not be much for a few parcels, it does add up over time. This can be a loss-making proposition, especially for smaller businesses that have smaller profit margins. To keep a tight rein on outward expenses like shipping, it makes sense to invest in an accurate set of parcel scales. This not only ensures that each item is weighed correctly but is also priced and delivered properly.

Which parcel scale should I buy?

Whether it is large consignments or small packages, there are several parcel scales you can choose from. To help you choose a scale that works best for your business and budget, it is worthwhile keeping a few things in mind.

  • Invest in a good parcel scale instead of a cheap one, and you are guaranteed years of trouble-free service.
  • Digital parcel scales are still the best when it comes to accuracy and reliability.
  • Choose a scale that is right for your business. The higher the capacity, the less accurate the scale.
  • Keep the shape and size of your parcels in mind as that usually dictates the size of the weighing platform.
  • For large parcels, think about separate indicators and weighing platforms that offer flexibility and durability.


A&D AP-30i Postal Scale model

A&D AP-30i Postal Scale model

We stock the bestselling A&D AP-30i Postal Scale model, approved by Australia Post LPOs and fully supported and serviced by A&D. These scales are produced specifically for precise letter and parcel weighing, helping you improve your mailing efficiency. Thanks to their AP-30i postal scale interface, they can directly link up with Australia Post's EPOS system for up-to-date pricing.

The A&D AP-30i Postal Scale model comes packed with a host of features, including 'dual-range operation' for maximum accuracy when weighing letters or parcels. Its unique dual liquid crystal display allows both the operator and customer to see the weight. Fully approved by NMI Australia, this postal scale also has an automatic weight transmission, allowing for data to be automatically shared with an EPOS station. That is not all, all A&D AP-30i Postal Scale models come with a 1-year warranty too.

To know more about our postal scales, talk to our customer support team today.