Why should you use vet scales to weigh animals?

Whether you’re a pet owner or a veterinarian or an agriculture professional, it is important to regularly check your animal’s weight to make sure it is healthy and fit. Accurate weight measurements can also determine the amount of feed an animal should get, to ensure the animal gets just enough and is not under or over fed.

The animal’s weight will also affect the dosage of medication, deworming or supplements given. For example, a standard dose for a small dog may be completely ineffective for a larger one, while the dosage for a large breed may be toxic for a smaller one.

What are veterinary scales?

Animal scales or veterinary scales are specially designed to weigh a wide range of animals, including household pets, zoo animals and livestock. They come in various sizes to suit the different types of animals.

These scales can also be used to measure other animal-related items, including feed bags, food portions and more, making them useful in any environment that provides products or services for pets and other animals.

Why should vet scales be used?

As animals are unlikely to stay still on a weighing scale, it is difficult for a standard digital scale to show a stable, consistent weight. As such, vet scales come with a dynamic weighing mode, which allows the scale to measure the average force exerted by the animal for an extended period of time.

The platform pan of vet scales are usually made with a non-skid surface, so that animals feel comfortable walking on them. A removable rubber mat is also included to protect the top plate.

Many of these scales are portable, which is great for weighing small animals or large livestock both indoors and in the field.

As some animals might not be willing to step onto a scale platform, some vet scales come with a very low profile platform that makes it easier to get the animal to position itself to be weighed.

Animal scales are also built to have excellent overload and shock load characteristics, so it doesn’t damage easily even if it is kicked or dropped.

Most veterinary scales are low maintenance, easy to clean and durable, making it a great investment that can last a long time.

Get the best vet scales

Anyscales supplies high quality veterinary scales for all kinds of weighing tasks. Some of our scales include:

Get the best vet scales

The Anyscales Vet Scale is a low profile, low cost vet scale designed for animal weighing, with wheels and a handle for easy moving. It has a capacity of 300kg with an accuracy of 0.1kg, and it comes with a removable rubber mat. The display can also be mounted away from the scale, to make it easier to read while the animal is on the scale.

Anyscales AM2406 - Weigh Beams

The Anyscales AM2406 Weigh Beams are designed with 4 x 2t load cells for overload protections. It has a capacity of 3000kg with an accuracy of 1kg, but it can be set to as low as 600kg with an accuracy of 0.2kg. Its large foot arrangement adds to its stability.

Besides the abovementioned animal scales, we also carry a wide range of other scales, including bench scales and hanging scales. Whether you need small scales for feed, industrial strength weighing equipment for animals, or weigh beams, we can supply you with the proper equipment. Talk to us today to find the best scale for your business.