Mechanical Physician Scale RL-MPS with Height Rod

Mechanical Doctors Scale with Height Rod
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Mechanical Physician Scale RL-MPS

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The Rice Lake RL-MPS is a medical scale for both physicians and health care providers. It features a dual die-cast beam for weighing up to 200kg. The weight can be read from either the front or back for added convenience.

The scale comes with an aluminium height rod that measures from 60 to 210cm. Its scale base has a removable, slip-resistant base cover for easy cleaning, and its built-in wheels make moving around a breeze.


  • Capacity: 200kg x 100g
  • Platform dimensions: (W x L x H) 273mm x 375mm x 105mm
  • Dual read capacity
  • Retractable height rod
  • Sturdy enamelled steel body
  • Die cast beam
  • Rugged scale understructure
  • Easy operation with two sliding weights
  • Rear wheels for portability ease


MPS Mechanical Physician Scale with Height Rod
Weight capacity (kg) 200 kg
Dvisions - Non Trade (kg)  * 0.1 kg (100g)
Construction Enameled Steel Body
NMI (Trade) Approved  ** No
Steelyard Beam Die Cast Beam, Twin Slide Weights
Height Rod 600mm to 2100mm
Peripherals Rear Wheels for portability ease
Units Dual Units lb ; kg 
Physical Size (H) 1486mm x (W) 273mm x (L) 565mm
Weighing pan  (W) 273mm x (L) 375mm
Supplied    Assembly Required 
* As supplied from the factory unless Verified and Verification required a change to factory setting
** Please note that this indicates if the unit can be verified within Australia only. This does not state that verification has been performed. Verification is a separate charge.
Mechanical Physician Scale RL-MPS with Height Rod