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  • A Low Capacity Crane Scale. Both System have 2000 graduation and is accurate to 0.5kg. 500kg and 1 tonne capacity both available.
  • This Crane scale comes with a Eye link on top and a safety hook on the bottom. Easy read 38mm display. Comes in 3 tonne and 5 tonne capacity.

    From: $920.00

    To: $1,050.00

  • This crane scale comes with a heavy duty bow shackle on the top and a heavy duty eye safety hook on the bottom. 10 tonne capacity.
  • An industrial dynamometer designed for accurate force measuring. Wide range of capacities from 1t - 100t.

    From: $1,250.00

    To: $20,979.00

  • The Push Pull Digital Tester is a full inclusive testing system for hand held force testing. The ZP has unit conversion N, kgf, lbf with a single button.
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