Ishida IW Series

Industrial Wet Area Scale

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Ishida IW series

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    IP-67 water proof bench scale with three capacities windows.

    6kg, 30kg and 150kg available with multi interval.

    IWB units can be operated for 1000 hours with 2 size D alkaline dry batteries. B - Battery

    IWX Series runs off 240VAC. Large LCD display. All these are trade approved in Australia. X - Electricity

    The IW Series is one of the best value wet area scales in the Industrial Market.

    This outstandingly durable weighing unit can be washed and sprayed with water, allowing for easy cleaning.

    For the first time in the industry the load cell has been coated with acrylic resin to make it completely water-proof.

    This is the same kind of treatment used on aluminum sash.

    More Information
    • The IW-Series meets IP-67 requirements, even allowing washdown for highest sanitary conditions.
    • IWB can be operated for 1,000 hours with only 2 size D alkaline dry batteries. (AC adapter can be used too.)
    • IWX are 240VAC powered only
    • Has weight checking function for accurate weighing.
    • IWB LCD - Large character height (36.5 mm)
    • IWX has a large, clear fluorescent display (character height: over 30 mm)
    • 6kg version only comes in IWB format
    • Construction is Stainless Steel

    Ishida IW series Brochure

    IWB-6 IWB-30 IWB-150 IWX-30 IWX-150
    Weight capacity (kg) 3  /  6   Multi Interval 15  /  30   Multi Interval 60  /  150   Multi Interval 15  /  30   Multi Interval 60  /  150   Multi Interval
    Divisions - Trade (kg) * 0.001  /  0.002 0.005  /  0.01 0.02  /  0.05 0.005  /  0.01 0.02  /  0.05
    Work Environment All IW Series can be used in low to moderate wet areas   Rated : IP67
    Max. counts 3000 / Interval 3000 / Interval 3000 / Interval 3000 / Interval 3000 / Interval
    NMI (Trade) Approved  ** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Housing Stainless Steel
    Display  36mm LCD Display 30mm Fluorescent Display
    Operating temp —10°C~40°C
    Power supply 2 x D type Batteries (Not included) - Optioanl Power Adator 240VAC Power  (Via a standard GPO)
    Battery operating Approximately 1000 hours with Alkaline Batteries N/A
    Weighing pan size 200mm x 250mm 250mm x 350mm 380mm x 530mm 250mm x 350mm 380mm x 530mm
    Weigh Pan Contruction Stainless Steel
    Dimension Refer Brochure
    Weight (approximately) Net: 4.7kg Net: 9.1kg Net: 16.5kg Net: 9.4 Net: 16.8kg
    Supplied    Minor Assembly for mounting column
    * As supplied from the factory unless Verified and Verification required a change to factory setting
    ** Please note that this indicates if the unit can be verified within Australia only. This does not state that verification has been performed. Verification is a separate charge.
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