Conductivity Meters

Conductivity Meters Scales Australia

To test the electrical conductivity in a solution, a quality conductivity meter is used to ensure subtle errors are avoided. They are important tools for water companies, aquariums, scientific researchers and many other organisations that need test liquid samples.

For field research and use in large facilities, a portable conductivity meter saves time and reduces the risk of tools being damaged. In these units, one-handed operation lends greater ease to water analysis tasks.

Modern stationary tools for the lab bench boast more features than ever before. Conductivity meters that can switch between measuring conductivity, salinity and TDS (total dissolved solids) are versatile tools, made even more functional through PC connectivity.

Anyscales carries both types of conductance meters to ensure the scientists who rely on our supplied equipment need have the tools they need. Our range of laboratory scales is sure to provide you with the perfect weighing tool for your laboratory.

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