Ohaus Starter 3100 pH Meter Bench

pH / OPR Oxidation-reduction potential Meter

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Ohaus ST3100-B
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Ohaus ST3100-F
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After more than a century of perfecting the art of measurement through our durable weighing products.

OHAUS precision is now available in a line of benchtop water analysis products that includes pH and conductivity meters that can also test for salinity, TDS, and ORP.

The Starter Series of benchtop pH Meter includes a wide breadth of products from basic level meters that offer high performance at a great value to premium performance products that have extended and advanced functionality.


ST3100-F Meter with ST310 3-in-1, Plastic Refillable pH Electrode, pH Buffer Powder Sachet and In-Use Cover

  • Intuitive Software Powers the Starter Series
  • Functional Design Assists with Ease-of-Use
  • Reliable Calibration Results in Accurate Measurement
  • Automatic and manual temperature compensation
  • Automatic and manual endpoint functions determine the stability of readings
  • Auto buffer recognition helps to avoid errors during the calibration process
  • 99 sets of data memory and the ability to instantly recall the last calibration data


Measurement Range -2.00 – 16.00 pH
Resolution 0.01 pH
Error Limits/Accuracy Up to 3 Points
Calibration Up to 3 Points
Memory 99 Measurements
Power Supply 110-240V/50Hz, DC 12V
Size/Weight 220 W × 175 D × 78 H mm / 0.75 kg
Display Liquid Crystal Backlight
Input BNC, impedance > 10e+12 Ω
Temperature Compensation ATC & MTC
Housing ABS
* As supplied from the factory unless Verified and Verification required a change to factory setting
** Please note that this indicates if the unit can be verified within Australia only. This does not state that verification has been performed. Verification is a separate charge.
Ohaus Starter 3100 pH Meter Bench