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In scientific and medical labs, a high quality pipette is essential for measuring liquids accurately. Unlike the comparatively simple droppers of the past, modern pipettes are digital and motor-operated. Proper functionality is ensured through the use of accuracy and leak testers, providing confidence to all who use them for research and development.

Anyscales carries laboratory scales for professionals that are proven effective, such as the A&D MPA Single Channel Pipette range. With five dispensing speeds, auto-power off and program memory for 9 settings, these tools are an invaluable investment.

When you purchase your pipettes, don’t forget the testing equipment! An accuracy tester allows you to measure the performance of your Pipette to gauge against errors. A leak tester will reveal any comprises in the integrity of the equipment – letting you be sure there are no issues with pressure.

We offer the entire range of tools needed for optimal performance. You can be sure your pipettes are top quality – and maintain them expertly – when you purchase from Anyscales.

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