A&D ML-50 - Moisture Balances

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ML-50 - Moisture Balances
ML-50, MOISTURE ANALYSER   + $2,173.00

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    Our straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter gives shorter measurement time, thanks to Moisture Balances with fast and uniform heating.

    The ergonomically designed pan handle eliminates mishaps such as burns when moving a hot sample tray into or out of the unit from either side.

    More Information
    • Five years warranty
    • Fast and uniform heating with a halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology
    • High repeatability of 0.001% (standard deviation)
    • Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate samples provided to allow accuracy check
    • Memory function to store data
    • Four measurement programs
    • Clear and easy to see VFD display
    • Easy handling of sample tray eliminates the possibility of burns
    • Glass window allows check of heating
    • Self check function
    • Standard RS232C serial interface
    • Conforms to GLP standards

    MS-Series-Moisture-Balances Brochure

    ML-50 MF-50 MX-50 MS-70
    Measure Method 400W Straight halogen lamp heating system with SA filter and SHS weighing technology
    Max Sample Weight Capacity   (g) 51 51 51 71
    Weight Resolution     (g) 0.005 0.002 0.001 0.0001
    Moisture Content Display    (%) 0.1%  /  1% 0.05%  /  0.1%  /  1% 0.01%  /  0.1% 0.001%  /   0.01%  /   0.1%
    Mpoisture Content Accuracy                  (Standard Deviation)  Over 1g  0.50% 0.20% 0.10% 0.05%
      Over 5g 0.10% 0.05% 0.02% 0.01%
    Heat Technology Halogen lamp (Straight type, 400 Watt max, 5000 hours)
    Drying Temperture (1°C increments 50-200°C 30-200°C
    Memory of Measured Programmes 5 Sets 10 Sets 20 Sets
    Measurement Programmes Standard Mode/Automatic Mode/Quick Mode/Timer Mode/Manual Mode
    Measurement Mode Moisture content(Wet or Dry base) /Dry content/Ratio/Weight
    Heating Mode Standard / Quick Standard / Quick / Step /Ramp
    Display Type Large VFD
    Interface RS-232C standard
    Data Memory Function 30 50 100
    Operating Temperature 5-40°C (41-104°F) less than 85%RH
    GLP/GMP/ISO Available
    Self Check Funcation Standard
    Communication Software ----------------- Win CT Standard WinCT-Moisture standard
    Sample Pan Size 85mm Diameter
    Power AC 200V to 240V (1.5A), 50/60 Hz, Approx. 400W
    Physical Dimension 215(W) x 320(D) x 173(H)
    Weight    Approx. 6kg
    Standard Accessories Pans ( 20 for MS/MX/MF 10 for ML ), Pan Handles (2 for MS/MX/MF, 1 for ML ),
    Tweezers ( for MS/MX/MF ), Spoon ( for MS/MX/MF ), Test Sample (30g of Sodium Tartrate
    Dihydrate for MS/MX/MF ), CD-ROM (WinCT-Moisture for MS/MX, WinCT for MF ),
    Glass Fiber Sheet ( for MS/MX/MF ), RS-232C Cable ( for MS/MX ), Display Cover,
    Dust Cover ( for MS/MX/MF ), Instruction Manual, Quick Reference Card, Power Cable, Fuse
    * As supplied from the factory unless Verified and Verification required a change to factory setting
    ** Please note that this indicates if the unit can be verified within Australia only. This does not state that verification has been performed. Verification is a separate charge.
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