Chair Scales

Medical Chair Scales

When a doctor or clinic has patients that are unable to stand, quality wheelchair scales are crucial for the proper maintenance of client health.

The best solutions for these patients share a suite of features that serve both the patient and carer.A seat that is comfortable and easy to clean is important.Ideally, the seat willbe ergonomically designed to ensure the effort required for its use is minimal.

A display that provides accurate results that are easy to read, with simple operation for ease-of-use, makes the weighing process faster. A long battery life with auto power functionality means a digital chair scale is as dependable as it is accurate. Finally, the wheelsmust lock to ensure safety, and a push handle allows the scale chair to be moved from room with ease.

Anyscales carries a top of the line medical scales that is as strong and sturdy as it is accurate. When your patients need to be weighed while seated, we have the tools you need.

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