• Your guide to buying pH meters
    pH meters are an important laboratory instrument that is used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a given solution, typically called pH.
  • Finding the right animal scales for your business

    Like with most appliances that are required when rearing or working with animals, animal scales are designed so they can be effectively used with cattle or other animals. When weighing animals, one of the bigger challenges is that they may not be as inclined to standing still as humans are, and the constant movement would make it harder to accurately weigh them on regular scales.


    At Anyscales, we offer a selection of scales that have been specifically designed to be used with animals. One of these is the Anyscales AM2406 Weigh Beams. The Anyscales AM2406 - Weigh Beams are fully manufactured in Australia. They come equipped with 4x2t load cells that protect it from damage due to overload. The scales come with a capacity of 3000kg with an accuracy of 1kg. The scale can also be set to as low as 600kg, with an accuracy of 0.2kg. The sturdy beams and clear LCD display allow measurements to be seen accurately, making it an efficient addition to the business.


    The Anyscales AM2406A is a set of agricultural scales designed for farm weighing and cattle crushes. It has an industrial design with a large foot arrangement for stability and is manufactured in Australia. The beams come with 4x2t load cell for overload protection. The maximum capacity of the scales is 2000kg, with an accuracy of 1kg, but it can also be set to as low as 600kg with an accuracy of 0.2kg. Both weigh beams also come with 3m cable from the beams to the indicator, however the cables can be lengthened upon request.


    The Anyscales AS-VET Animal Scale is a range of low cost, low profile animal weighing scales that is designed and built much like an industrial scale. The scales have a capacity of 200kg with an accuracy of 0.1 kg. The platform itself is 900mm x 600mm, large enough to accommodate animals with ease, and comes with wheels and a handle for easy transport. The clear LCD display is also mounted away from the scale, making it easier to read it whilst the animal is on the scale.


    In addition to animal scales for sale, Anyscales supplies a wide range of scales for commercial, medical, domestic and educational purposes. Contact us today for vet scales that will aid your business with its stability and accuracy on 1300 738 705 so that we can discuss your needs in depth, or fill out our online contact form and an experienced representative will get back to you ASAP.

  • Your comprehensive guide to weighing babies

    Assessing a baby’s health and vitals is a crucial element of monitoring its wellbeing in the first few months. While the infant is given access to vaccinations, regular check-ups and more, his weight is one of the first indicators of good health, making it important for doctors to have access to scales that weigh them accurately without causing much discomfort in those initial months. Most parents would remember the first weigh-in as an important event, rarely forgetting what the child’s weight and length was, even years later. Furthermore, tracking the baby’s weight over a period of time also reveals the rate at which it gains weight, making it easier to accurately plot a growth chart.


    At Anyscales, we understand the importance of medical professionals using the right scales for weigh-ins, and we offer a range of baby scales that meet all your requirements perfectly. Well-designed baby weight scales not only weigh accurately, they also ensure the child’s comfort and have a capacity to weigh the baby from the initial few days to its first years. The accuracy within these scales ensures you’re able to chart the baby’s growth accurately, allowing you to spot and potential problems early on in the baby’s development. We offer a few scale models that are suited to fulfill all your needs.


    The Anyscales EBSL Baby Scale is portable and light weight, making it easier to store and transport as often as needed. It has a capacity of upto 20kgs and a resolution of 0.005kg, or 5 grams. An easily seen display makes it easier for doctors to weigh the baby quickly and reduce any discomfort. The digital baby scale is also easily to operate, further adding to the ease of use.


    The Healthweigh Neonatal Baby Scale features a new design and advanced technology for precision weighing of newborns and growing babies. It comes with movement compensation technology, which means that you can accurately weigh the baby despite all the movement that may otherwise interfere with the accuracy. The scale allows you to weigh in kilograms and pounds, making it a suitable choice for diverse markets. It also comes with a full set of functions such as the option to scroll up or down, zero, hold, clear and enter, further enhancing its utility. The firmware can also be updated so your digital baby scale is always powered by the latest technology. The scale has a capacity of upto 20kgs too, with a resolution of 5 grams.


    From baby scales to chair scales, we stock an extensive range of scales, balances and equipment for medical, commercial and educational uses, making Anyscales a one stop shop for all your weighing needs. Discuss your baby weight scales needs with us today to find the most appropriate solutions for your business. Give us a call on 1300 738 705 so that we can discuss your needs in depth, or fill out our online contact form and an experienced representative will get back to you ASAP.

  • Vet Scales: Everything you need to know
    Being a veterinarians is no easy task. Working with animals all day can be stressful and tiring, considering they don’t speak the language, making it harder to get them to complete a desired action for their own wellbeing.
  • Any Scales Online: Your one stop shop for the best quality laboratory equipment Australia wide
    Pipettes are vital to the functioning of a lab. Whether you need to measure out 1ul or 1200ul of saline solution, hydrochloric acid, water or antibody, there’s a size and shape of pipette designed to help you do it.
  • Blood Pressure Monitors - Everything you need to know about them!
    Some people believe that it is the physician’s responsibility to keep a close eye on the condition of their patients. But we often forget to remember our role as a patient - be it a serious illness or just trying keeping ourselves healthy.
  • What are Trade Verified Scales & how will it affect your business?
    To sell goods by weight or measure in Australia, it is required by law to use a verified trade approved scale or other types of weighing equipment. Some scales come with a trade certificate when purchased but not all scales can be issued a certificate of accuracy.
  • A High Capacity Compact Balance - A&D EK-L

    The popular A&D EK – L Series are laboratory balances which contains two specialist compact balances – EK 15 KL & EK – 30 KL. They are ideal for use where large capacity and high-resolution weighing are simultaneously required. The EK – L series includes a large weighing pan for efficient measurements of bulky objects or large quantities unlike other balances.


    Some of the key features that the EK – L Series include are

    • Hygienic, scratch-resistant and stainless steel (SUS430) weighing pan cover
    • Easy-to-read LCD display with clear and white backlight (22 mm character height)
    • Multiple weighing units: g, kg, oz, lb, ozt, in addition to pcs (counting mode) and % (percent mode)
    • A large (300 × 210 mm) weighing pan for efficient measurements of bulky objects or quantities
    • Comparator, display hold & auto power OFF functions
    • Security ring for wire-locking the scale to prevent theft
    • Data output to a PC, printer, etc., via RS-232C interface
    • Operation with either AC adapter or optional rechargeable battery


    Specialists Solutions based on the requirement

    The EK -15KL (15 kg x 0.1g) is a specialist balance which is ideal for tasks like measuring metal blocks.

    The EK – 30 L (3kg x0.1g / 30kg x 1g) is extremely useful when the gross weight exceeds 15 kg as well as a 0.1 g readability is necessary to measure the net weight. The EK – 30L can provide accurate readings of ingredients added into a heavy container.


    Contact ANYSCALES today to know more about the EK – L Series Compact Balance by calling us on 1300 738 705 or visit our website –

  • A high performance & cost effective Platform scale – The PL3000
    The PL3000 is one of the most popular Pallet Platform scales. Designed specifically for industrial purposes, it comes with 12 months warranty which makes it a credible option for businesses looking to invest.
  • The state of the art digital scale chair - HVL-CS
    The A&D HVL- CS chair scale was specifically designed for hospital environments where patients who are unable to stand upright, need to be weighed. With a capacity of 150 kg and a 50 gm accuracy, the HVL-CS chair scale has helped the medical industry in treating patients.

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