Why you need commercial balances

Commercial balances

Commercial balances or scales are usually used in environments where both the seller and the customer are present. This includes a variety of business establishments, such as vegetable shops, delis, sweet shops, bakeries, and more.

When your business has an accurate and reliable commercial balance, it increases consumer confidence. As weights are used to determine portion sizes as well as prices, having a precise commercial scale will ensure that your packaged goods remain consistent.

Inaccurate measurements may cause overpricing or underpricing, both of which will negatively affect your business. Underpricing may lead to less profit or even financial loss, while overpricing may result in unhappy customers, loss of confidence, and even penalties or fines.

Having an accurate and precise commercial scale prevents measurement errors, ensuring exact and reliable weighing data. It also reduces gaps in inventory, and keeps your products at the top of the line.

Ohaus is a trusted brand that is known for their precise and reliable balances and scales. With over 100 years of experience in the weighing industry, they continue to produce quality products with the latest technology to meet market needs.

Here are some of the Ohaus commercial scales we offer:

Ohaus Ranger 3000

The Ranger 3000 is a multipurpose, high quality industrial counting scale that produces precise results rapidly. With functions such as weighing, parts counting, check counting and more, this is the ideal portable scale to meet many industrial counting needs. Other features include APW auto-optimisation, tranpsortation handle, selectable environmental settings, and overload and underload indicators.

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Ohaus Ranger 7000

With a sturdy industrial and modular design, the Ranger 7000 is a great choice for those looking for a high capacity compact bench scale. It features the cutting-edge Smart test 2.0 software, and applications include percentage weighing, dynamic weighing, density determination, and more. The Ranger 7000 has the highest resolution, largest display as well as the largest memory library among the other Ohaus industrial bench scales.

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Ohaus Defender 3000

This trade-approved stainless steel platform scale is perfect for wash down applications. The IP66 stainless steel indicator has various modes that allow the flexibility to customise the bench scale for a wider variety of specific applications. It has multiple user-activated modes, including counting with auto-optimisation, checkweighing, dynamic animal weighting and display hold. The Defender 3000 also comes with a high contrast single-line backlit LCD display with 25mm tall digits, 3-colour checkweigh LED and setpoint beeper.

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Ohaus Aviator 7000

The Aviator 7000 is a robust and accurate digital retail scale with price computing, ideal for use in food markets. It has a modern, ergonomic design and is battery-operated, making it a stylish and efficient tool for mobile selling. The Aviator 7000 has 100 PLU and 32 preset keys, and is approved and certified by weights and measures authorities.

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For our complete range of Ohaus commercial scales , please visit our website or contact our sales team for more information.

Whether you need counting scales, bench scales, platform scales, food scales or postal scales, Anyscales offer a wide selection of commercial balances for everyday business requirements.