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  • Why should you use vet scales to weigh animals?
    Whether you’re a pet owner or a veterinarian or an agriculture professional, it is important to regularly check your animal’s weight to make sure it is healthy and fit. Accurate weight measurements can also determine the amount of feed an animal should get, to ensure the animal gets just enough and is not under or over fed.
  • Choosing the best precision balance
    Precision balances are scales that are used to weigh quantities to a very precise number, sometimes up to one milligram. They are not as precise as analytical balances, but better than the average bench or compact scale.
  • Platform Scales for your (big) business needs
    Weighing scales play an important role in the market, especially for businesses who need to have exact measurements for their purchases and stock.
  • Change of indicators for PL3000 Series Platform Scales
    There has been a change of indicators for Anyscales’ PL3000 series platform scales.
  • Hanging scales for all occasions

    Hanging scales, work a bit differently than ordinary scales. Instead of putting a load on a weighing pan or a platform, the load is suspended using the hanging scale's hook. The scale itself can hang from machinery, hooks and other apparatuses.

    Depending on the capacity, users could put the hanging scale on something like a mechanised crane to lift very heavy things or simply hold a spring hanging scale in their hands to measure a small item.

    Hanging scales have many different applications, ranging from weighing fishing nets or luggage to measuring fruits and vegetables. The industrial sector often uses hanging scales to weigh very heavy loads because they can withstand rigorous conditions despite a compact frame, which makes transport easy. While a platform scale or a high capacity floor scale can take a lot of space, a hanging scale can be stored easily.


    Digital hanging scales cover a lot of ground, from multiple functions varying between tare and hold, or just the versatility of only needing 3x AA batteries in some cases. Their ease of use is what makes them important to the industries who benefit from their existence. When speaking from our perspective, in what we stock our hanging scales are split over two types.

    The first type is the OCSL range and they come with 17mm LCD displays, which is massive for their size.

    In terms of important functionality the tare function allows users to remove the weight of nets, baskets, scoops and other containers used to store the loads. LEDs display battery life, units and other relevant information at a quick glance.

    The OCS-SP-L hanging scale range is the perfect companion for measuring market goods, such as fish and or fruits or red meat. Its attached stainless steel bowl helps make it very user friendly. Whilst differentiating from the OCSL range in design,it also separates itself in terms of power, while not using AA batteries instead the battery inside is rechargeable.

    Hanging scales have aided small and medium business’s for a long time, and it doesn’t seem like their importance will be running out anytime soon. Anyscales have hanging scales for all occasions, scales for big things, scales for huge things, scales for little things and scales for tiny things.

  • Using crane scales for your business

    Most commonly used in heavy duty weighing, crane scales are used to weigh goods and cargo or any other type of hanging load. They are essential when bulky items need to be weighed but are too heavy to lift and place on a platform scale. Instead, the crane scale lifts the items and weighs it at the same time, offering industrial businesses a more efficient weighing solution. Only a few of the industries that make use of crane scales include construction, transport, aviation, factories and marine businesses – essentially, any industry that would benefit from a more convenient alternative to platform scales.


    Crane scales are typically rechargeable battery operated and come equipped with all the parts you may need when using it, in addition to the choice between pounds and kilograms as measurement units. In many aspects, crane scales have an edge over platform scales since they offer high capacity and are highly accurate. They are also more effective when it comes to weighing awkwardly shaped cargo and goods, which may not necessarily fit well on platform scales. When weighing such objects, all you need to do is ensure they have a secure handle that the crane scale’s hook can hold onto when lifting it.

    Furthermore, crane scales are compact and easier to use when space is limited, making it a better alternative over platform scales that would struggle to fit in a smaller space. They are a better scale type to opt for when you need to maximize the use of every bit of space you have access to. Since the crane scale can be easily taken to where the goods to be weighed are, they reduce the possibility of any accidents that may occur when the goods are being transported to a scale to be weighed. The risk of damage and accidents is reduced significantly as traditionally separate stages of transporting with a crane and weighing are combined into one.

    At Anyscales, we stocks different crane scale models that would be appropriate for varying business needs. The scale capacities we offer range from 500kg-10 tons. These scales also come with easy-to-read LCD or LED displays, depending on the model. Looking to purchase crane scales for your business? Get in touch with Anyscales for all your weighing and scaling needs today. Call us on 1300 738 705, or fill out our online contact form for any queries.

  • Maintaining your analytical scales for durability in the long term

    Most commonly used in laboratories and pharmaceutical businesses, analytical balances are used to measure small masses that weigh in the sub-milligram range. Since the quantities of mass are significantly small, their weight can be
    affected by elements such as dust and air currents in the room too. As a result, these scales also feature a transparent enclosure with doors for the measuring pan, commonly referred to as a draft shield. The use of an analytical scale helps prevent balance fluctuation and loss of product, which is essential with smaller masses.


    Since analytical balances are used for more delicate operations, they need to be taken good care of to ensure they offer precision and accuracy in the long term. Keeping the balance clean and calibrated is usually the first step in this process. In most cases, your laboratory balance will come with manufacturer care recommendations that you can follow for adequate maintenance. The user manual that comes with the scale will outline the best way to use it, along with care instructions that ensure you’re using and maintaining your scale in the best way possible.

    In addition, your digital weighing scales will also need to be serviced and calibrated, ideally once a year. In some industries, the high volume of use will make routine calibrations more important, going up to once a month or week, in some cases. While usage frequency is a good indicator of how often the balance must be serviced, you must get in touch with your local service provider whenever your balances aren’t performing as well as they used to when you first began using it. This is especially important when your laboratory experiences frequent temperature changes, since this would affect the accuracy of the analytical balance and they would need to be calibrated more often to avoid inaccuracies.

    Finally, analytical scales are more delicate than other heavy duty balances, which means you need to take extra care when cleaning the balance. These balances also need to be stored and moved carefully, since undue pressure on the
    measuring pan can damage it. Ideally, you should remove the pan when cleaning or storing the balance, since this prevents any accidental pressure being applied to it.

    Anyscales stocks a wide range of products, ranging from analytical scales for sale to platform and bench scales. Get in touch with us today for all your weighing needs.

  • Understanding the function of moisture balances

    A moisture balance is commonly used in laboratories, and determines the moisture content of a sample using a weighing and heating unit. The halogen lamp in the balance works according to the Loss on Drying principle. In order to measure the moisture content, the sample’s start weight is noted down, following with the halogen radiator heats and dries the sample while the integrated balance continues to record the weight of the sample. When the sample stops losing any further weight, the balance then calculates the final moisture content, and the total loss in weight in used to calculate the moisture content of the sample.

    One of the reasons why this halogen lamp works this well is due to the use of a halogen lamp. Samples that need to be weighed absorb the halogen radiation to heat up quickly, as compared to a convection oven, which takes longer to heat the sample up. The speed with which halogen moisture balances weigh samples has made them a preferred scale type. Due to their efficiency, these balances are also used in the food, plastics and pharmaceuticals industries.

    Picture 1 - A&D MS 70

    At Anyscales, we offer a range of moisture balances with different specifications. The A&D MS-70 moisture balance comes with a halogen lamp and uniquely designed secondary radiation assist filter, which offers a shorter measurement time, along with fast and uniform heating. Additionally, the ergonomically designed pan handle eliminates the scope of mishaps such as burns that may occur when moving a hot sample tray into or out of the unit from either side. Other features of this balance include five years warranty, high repeatability of 0.001%, sodium tartrate dihydrate samples for accuracy checks, memory functions to store data, four measurement programs and a standard RS232C serial interface.

    The A&D MX-50 moisture balances also come with a five year warranty, ensuring longevity on the product. Ideal for 51g samples, the balance offers fast and uniform heating with a halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology. It comes with a high repeatability of 0.001%, memory function to store data, four measurement programs, glass window that allows you to check the heating, self-check function and a standard RS232C serial interface.

    In addition to moisture balances, Anyscales also stock a wide of other scales, including economic balances, compact balances, analytical balances and conductivity meters. Get in touch with Anyscales today to discuss your equipment needs.

  • Opt for comfort and quality with chair scales

    Sturdy, durable chair scales are an essential piece of equipment in any hospital or healthcare facility, allowing doctors and the staff to monitor a patient’s weight without compromising on their comfort. In most cases, patients are unable to stand without support, or stand for too long, and chair scales ensure their vitals can still be accurately tested. Other preferred features in chair scales include a design that is easy to clean and maintain, an ergonomic style that minimizes the effort required to use it, a clear display, simple operation, long battery life, and finally, safety features that will prevent any mishaps, and a push handle that enables easy control.

    Chair ScaleThe chair scales range at Anyscales are top of the line products that combine quality with strength and accuracy. The Shekel Electronic Multifunction chair scale offers a range of functions in one product, such as an integrated, rectractable seat for patients to sit on comfortably whilst being weighed. Alternatively patients can also be weighed using their own wheelchair, or stand using the robust handrail for support. The scale comes with movement compensation technology that allows patients to be accurately weighed despite movement. Other features include BMI function, tare, print and option to switch between kgs and lbs. With updatable firmware, the scale will continue to offer the latest technology, making it a long term investment.



    A&D HVL-CS is a purpose built chair scaleThe popular A&D HVL-CS is a purpose built chair scale, and is ideal for hospitals, health clinics and aged care facilities. The scale has a weighing capacity of 150kg with a 50g accuracy, and a full digital calibration (FDC), that ensures accurate and simple calibration. The dual power supply means that the scale can also be battery operated, allowing it to be used wherever needed. The Australian-made and designed scale is quick and easy to operate, with an auto power off feature that helps preserve battery life. The scale is also highly portable, comes with a push handle that the staff can use when moving it, and an easy to clean chair shell that will allow for maximum hygiene.



    Shekel Hand Rail Scale The Shekel Hand Rail scale is both a chair weighing and stand-on scale, with an integrated, retractable seat that can be easily lifted, allowing the patient to be weighed by standing on it, using the handrail for support. The scale comes with movement compensation technology making it easier to weigh patients on it. Other features of the scale include a BMI function, option to weigh in kgs or lbs, tare, zero and hold. The scale also comes with a capacity of 360kg, with a 100g accuracy.





    At Anyscales, you can find a wide range of scales to suit your needs. Call us on 1300 738 705, or fill out our online contact form and an experienced representative will get back to you.

  • Using analytical scales for efficiency and precision

    Essential for research and product development, analytical balances measure small mass in the sub-milligram range. The measuring pan of the balance is kept inside a transparent enclosure with doors, keeping dust particles outside. The enclosure also ensures air currents in the room don’t affect the balance and its accuracy. Considering the minuteness of the items measured in analytical scales, the scale measures the force needed to counter the mass being measured, instead of the actual mass itself. The analytical scales at Anyscales are both durable and accurate, enabling precise measurements.

    Analytical balances are essential for accurate, advanced weighing procedures, typically required in research and product development. These scales come with digital internal calibration and performance honing in on .1mg increment, semi micro-weighing, substantial data memory storage which can be transferred to a PC, warranty coverage, and a GLP compliance output format that lets your measurements match quality system.

    Picture 1 (1)

    The A&D HR-A Series is a compact analytical balance that offers precision and reliability, with a simple design and superior A&D sensor technology. The scale offers high-speed, frustration-free weighing in 2 seconds, even at a resolution of 0.1mg, along with one-touch calibration. The scale also comes with rotary sliding doors and a removable breeze break that allows for simple cleaning. The twelve weighing units ensures easy conversions across different units, and the scale also comes with a GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output.

    Picture 2 (1)

    The A&D GR Series is a semi-micro balance that features an internal automatic calibration function as well as an RS232 data output and data logging. With a five-year warranty, the scale is reliable and accurate, and offers full digital calibration using internal motor driven masses. A two layer housing construction and automatic self-calibration minimizes the negative effects of change in temperature. The scale comes with 11 weighing units, including counting and percentage functions. The data memory stores up to 200 sets of weighing data, in a GLP compliant data output format that matches quality systems.

    Picture 3

    The A&D GH series is also a stable semi-micro balance, with one-touch and automatic calibration. They come with the option of dual or single range, starting from a capacity of 320mg. The scale can be used in multiple weighing units, in addition to counting and percentage modes. Upto 200 different data sets can be stored in its memory, and the scale is also GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant.

    At Anyscales we stock all the above mentioned Analytical Scales and also stocks a wide range of scales, ranging from chair scales to balances and more, making it a one stop shop for all your weighing needs.

    Give us a call on 1300 738 705 so that we can discuss your needs in depth, or fill out our online contact form and an experienced representative will get back to you ASAP.

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