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  • A High Capacity Compact Balance - A&D EK-L

    The popular A&D EK – L Series are laboratory balances which contains two specialist compact balances – EK 15 KL & EK – 30 KL. They are ideal for use where large capacity and high-resolution weighing are simultaneously required. The EK – L series includes a large weighing pan for efficient measurements of bulky objects or large quantities unlike other balances.


    Some of the key features that the EK – L Series include are

    • Hygienic, scratch-resistant and stainless steel (SUS430) weighing pan cover
    • Easy-to-read LCD display with clear and white backlight (22 mm character height)
    • Multiple weighing units: g, kg, oz, lb, ozt, in addition to pcs (counting mode) and % (percent mode)
    • A large (300 × 210 mm) weighing pan for efficient measurements of bulky objects or quantities
    • Comparator, display hold & auto power OFF functions
    • Security ring for wire-locking the scale to prevent theft
    • Data output to a PC, printer, etc., via RS-232C interface
    • Operation with either AC adapter or optional rechargeable battery


    Specialists Solutions based on the requirement

    The EK -15KL (15 kg x 0.1g) is a specialist balance which is ideal for tasks like measuring metal blocks.

    The EK – 30 L (3kg x0.1g / 30kg x 1g) is extremely useful when the gross weight exceeds 15 kg as well as a 0.1 g readability is necessary to measure the net weight. The EK – 30L can provide accurate readings of ingredients added into a heavy container.


    Contact ANYSCALES today to know more about the EK – L Series Compact Balance by calling us on 1300 738 705 or visit our website –

  • A high performance & cost effective Platform scale – The PL3000
    The PL3000 is one of the most popular Pallet Platform scales. Designed specifically for industrial purposes, it comes with 12 months warranty which makes it a credible option for businesses looking to invest.
  • The state of the art digital scale chair - HVL-CS
    The A&D HVL- CS chair scale was specifically designed for hospital environments where patients who are unable to stand upright, need to be weighed. With a capacity of 150 kg and a 50 gm accuracy, the HVL-CS chair scale has helped the medical industry in treating patients.
  • ANYSCALES is an authorised dealer of Rice Lake Weighing Systems
    ANYSCALES is an authorised dealer of the popular Rice Lake Weighing Systems in Australia. As a part of the partnership, ANYSCALES is able to sell the popular Rice Lake Weighing Systems in Australia.
  • A Treasured Island
    How Rice Lake’s Competitor Series body composition analyzer assists health initiative’s on the remote Pacific Island of Yap
  • Getting Results - A Success Story with the Rice Lake D100 Body Analyser
    The Rice Lake D1000 Body Analyser have been a critical element to the success of many health and fitness professionals around the world. The article highlight’s Bode Central’s (a fitness club based in Wisconsin) success story.
  • Anyscales Sponsors the Ipswich Knights Football Club
    Anyscales is proud to announce our first community sponsorship - the Ipswitch Knights Football Club!
  • Blood Pressure Monitors for Australian Clinics and Homes
    From small practices to integrated clinics and beyond to major hospitals, an accurate blood pressure monitor is essential for measuring key diagnostics
  • Pipettes & Testers
    Today’s high-end pipettes are compact and light. A low centre of gravity helps keep hands steady, as does a top quality motor. With precise internal mechanisms it is possible to calibrate the tool without the use of external aide.
  • Bariatric Scales for Health & Wellness
    Bariatric medicine plays a crucial role in mitigating the effects of Australia’s obesity problems. As such, Bariatric scales are important tools for the health of our nation.

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