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  • Bench Scales: Great Tools for Work & Home
    Bench Scales, which sometimes encompass platform or counting scales, are important tools for a wide range of industries and can even be used in the home. The combination of versatility and reliability bench scales possess makes them a popular choice for both commercial and private buyers.
  • Anyscales - Not only scales
    A joint venture with ANYSCALES and Associated Scale Service has finally been completed. Our teams have come together to resurrected a GOGGOMOBIL (Micro Car from 1959) from the crusher and made a sort of hot rod.
  • Homeware Bundles
    We know that keeping fit is important to a happy life. We have put together 3 special homewares bundle to help you get on track. The bundle will include a kitchen scale, bathroom scale and a FREE luggage scale. We ship anywhere throughout Australia.
  • Latest Releases of In Home Scales
    Yes finally we have the domestic range fully stocked and ready for dispatch. Kitchen Scales: The K301 and K302 range are both very stylish as well as technically advanced. The front buttons are sensors which allow for the control to be from the slightest press. No need to push hard.
  • How does a digital scale work?
    A digital scale simply converts a force to a measured value, in Australia that is the metric kilogram.
  • Picking a Capacity for Pallet Scales
    When purchasing a pallet scale there are a couple of things that need to be asked these included. What Capacity is needed for the scale. What physical size (if not for standard pallets). Does it need to be trade approved.
  • IP Ratings for Scales
    Water proofing and ingress proof are indicated via an IP Rating. For this information sheet we are specifically looking at the second number. This ranges from 0 to 9 with the highest level being 9K.
  • Bariatric Scales
    Personal Scales are treated the same when being sold but the following will show what is important and why some patient scales are more usable than others. A scale that can be used in a ward as a standard scale but is also capable of bariatric use is the best value for money.
  • What to look for when purchasing counting scales?
    When purchasing counting scales there are several items that will dictate the success of the scale within your work place - does it weigh low enough, is it the correct physical size and value for money.
  • ANYSCALES FA-6000 Series Bench Scale Release
    ANYSCALES is a new brand for the Australian market and has been full tested for the food preparation industrial field in field geo use and most bench scale applications. Designed with a seal around the top pan mounts and the top housing the FA-6000 series are designed to handle very dusty areas and still be able to be cleaned with a wet cloth.

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