ZP Push-Pull Force Gauge

Force Gauge
ZP Series

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    ZP digital force gauges are capable of processing 1,000 data/second, so force profiles can be analysed for much more than just the peak.

    ZP gauges have programmable high/low set points for go/no-go testing. Orange lights up for measurements less than Low set point, green for between High and Low set point, and red for over High set point.

    Use real time mode to display load transients, or peak mode to capture the peak force achieved during a test. Selectable lbf, kgf, or Newtons measuring units.

    Crane Scale

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    • Ergonomically designed housing
    • "Zero Set" to zero the gauge in all operating positions (Tare)
    • Operates on rechargeable NiCd batteries or AC adapter
    • Easy to use
    • Selectable Modes:
      -Real Time - to display load transients
      -Peak Modes - to capture the peak force achieved during a test
    • Overload protection 200% full scale
    • For hand-held use or mounting on test stands
    • Quick display update rate of 20 times/s
    • User selectable units: N, kgf (gf) and lb (oz)
    • Process 1,000 data/second not just the peak

    Push Pull Tester

      ZP-100N ZP-500N ZP-1000N
    Capacity (Newtons) 100 500 1000
    Resolution (Newtons) 0.01 0.1 1
    Work Environment Dry Environment
    Max. Counts 10,000 5000 1000
    Housing ABS Plastic
    Display LCD, 4 digit, 12mm high
    Power Supply AC Adapter - Internal Rechargeable Battery
    Power Indicator Displays Battery Charge - 3 bar system
    Supplied 4 x Push Attachments, 1 x Pull Attachment, 1 x Extension, Power Adaptor, Manual, & Carry Case
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